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5 Ultimate Workouts That Need No Equipment!

K.Vijay Simha

Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Exercise Scientist, Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist

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If you’re dreaming of a slim and trim body, you don’t always need an expensive gym membership or some fancy equipment. It can also be achieved by utilizing your own body weight! There are tons of home workouts that can give you positive results without any equipment. Listed here are some of the most effective workouts you can do just about anywhere!


Focussing on cardio makes your body transform and it is not expensive too. You just need a good pair of running shoes and the willpower to run! While you are doing cardio, the maximum benefit you can gain is by pulling your navel into the core. For the newbies, you can try walking at a brisk pace or running for 15 to 30 minutes. Keep adding 5 to 10 more minutes at the end of every week.

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Apart from working on your leg muscles, squatting is helpful for developing UR core strength and stability along with upper and lower body strength. Once you perfect UR form, you can move to more difficult versions over time.



A push-up is considered to be an ideal muscle-building exercise that works on UR chest, shoulders, and triceps. As you gain strength, you can progress from classic to different push-ups like elevated or decline push-ups that put more emphasis on UR shoulders, upper chest, lower chest and triceps.



Crunches are helpful to tone UR mid-section. Along with other exercises, you can include crunches to develop core strength which is crucial for overall body strength and balance.



Lunges work on some hard-to-reach muscles of the thighs. It’s also an ideal exercise to build lower body strength.

Variation in UR exercise routine is important. Daily exercise is recommended for healthy living but when you repeat the same exercises day in and day out for a certain period, workouts become monotonous. If there is no variation in the workouts, UR body will reach the plateau stage sooner. Adding variety to your workout regimen brings changes in strength and endurance levels which helps you to get closer to your fitness goals. Moreover, mixing different workout programmes helps you to understand the strength and weaknesses of UR body. Trying different workouts also adds fun to workout sessions and helps you to stay motivated!

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