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Check to see if UR in a toxic relationship

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

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No relationship is picture-perfect, there are many elements which cause distance, disrespect and abuse even in a loving relationship. Here are five signs that tell you if UR in a toxic relationship. A lot of people feel embarrassed to get marriage counselling. It's absolutely fine! Try to work things out as much as you can. Set UR priorities, take drastic decisions keeping yourself and UR loved ones in mind. Happiness is a state of mind that only U R responsible for.


This can cause bitterness and constant belittling can cause mental trauma. This can happen without realizing. Belittlement stems from insecurity. If you or UR partner is insecure, it's time to address the issue.

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Mental and physical abuse

Any kind of abuse is a clear indicator that shows UR partner you are unhappy or mentally troubled, which causes them to lash out. In many cases, people regret lashing out mentally & physically. If it happens rarely then forgive, if it occurs regularly seek external help immediately.



This can be of different kinds, it can be emotional or physical. One can’t blame anyone for cheating. It depends on the circumstance if the partner is regretful & willing to change its worth forgiving. If the partner tries to cover it up, it leads to trust issues. It’s all about how you feel, UR values and the situation UR in. A relationship should make you feel safe and secure more than happy. So choose wisely.


Lack of trust or respect

No respect or trust can make any relationship stagnant just like a broken-down car. Respect in a relationship is like peanut butter and jelly; they taste amazing when they are together in a sandwich. Respect stems from UR upbringing and personality. If you were brought up in an atmosphere that didn’t respect women, you can carry the same to UR relationship.


No communication

Little or no communication causes never-ending conflicts and misunderstandings. Communicating helps you and UR partner understand each other's genuine emotions. Set an exclusive date night once a month to discuss each other’s issues and problems. Feel free to do this exercise more often if required. The golden rule of this exercise is to solve issues and not repeat them again. Having said that habits take a while to change, give people time and understand their perspectives before accusing.

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