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5 shocking workout mistakes UR making

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

2 min read

Do you sweat a lot in the gym and push the speed of the treadmill as high as you can withstand, but often end up with futile results? Beware! UR workout may cause more damage than good to UR body if precaution isn’t taken. Quick fixes often lead to injuries. Choose lifestyle changes for a minimum of 41 days to start with.

While there is a common misconception that warming up is a waste of valuable time during a workout, it is indeed the most crucial aspect for the wellbeing of your muscles. After each workout the body repairs entangled muscles. A 10 minute stretch makes coiled tissues more elastic thus keeping aches and pains at bay.

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Music does wonders as it helps people forget fatigue and elevates the mood. Reportedly, people run longer and swim swiftly than usual which promotes a higher metabolism while listening to the right kind of music. But music has its downside, listening explosively loud music contributes to hearing loss. The next time you hit the gym, adjust to a comfortable volume and enjoy UR experience!


While it’s great to socialise with buddies to keep you motivated, incessant chatter can hamper your effort to achieve UR goal. Conversing too much will divert UR attention from the workout causing severe injury or not getting you the right result in the time spent at the gym.


Eight hours of sound sleep is a must before you hit the gym. Insufficient sleep can have adverse effects on your body. We suggest REST over working out when exhausted. Inadequate sleep can hinder weight loss efforts and trigger various health problems. Perfect health includes a balance of Workout, Rest & Nutrition.


Sweating during workouts can cause fatigue, muscle cramps and mood swings as the body is depleted of glucose. It’s crucial to pay attention to your irregular heartbeat, dry mouth and dizziness caused by dehydration. While exercising in humid or hot weather, increase UR water consumption by a litre that you regularly consume.

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