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Important Do’s & Don’ts While Weight-Lifting

Sandeep Raj

Transformation & Lifestyle Coach Internationally certified Nutritionist & Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Precision Nutrition L2. NSCA CPT

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Weight-lifting/ Strength Training is the most beneficial form of exercise if you desire a toned body, an increase in UR muscle strength, improved metabolism or stronger bones. Weight training also helps add definition to UR body. Many people observe others and attempt to lift weights on the basis of peer pressure. This is wrong! You should always learn the form and technique properly before taking up any form of exercise. The dire consequences of not following a proper technique can range from back injuries to torn muscles to fractures, sprains and strains. In order to help you get all the benefits of weight lifting the right way, we’ve compiled a list of some useful do’s and don’ts for you to follow:

Ensure you warm-up beforehand:

When you warm-up, UR muscles become more flexible and elastic. This helps to stay away from strains and injuries. Try to do at least 10 minutes of warm-up exercises before weightlifting or any type of exercise.

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Focus on form:

This is crucial. When you don’t use proper form for the exercise, it will not only cause injury but also cause muscle soreness and body pain! Understanding the proper form of each exercise and visualizing the particular muscle working, is of prime importance. Overall, focus on the basics and pay more attention to the form than the amount of weight you lift to get the best of UR training.

Breathe properly:

It’s essential to maintain a proper breathing pattern while weightlifting. Many people tend to hold their breath while lifting weights. This should be avoided as muscles need oxygen. Think of oxygen as a sort of fuel for UR muscles. In order for you to do anything—talk, walk, exercise—you need to get oxygen to your muscles, the more you move the more oxygen you need. Learn to breathe in, while putting down the weights(eccentric) and breathe out while lifting weights(concentric). This way, you won’t tire yourself easily and you’ll also be able to maintain the correct form.

Weight-lifting/ Strength Training is the most beneficial form of exercise if you desire a toned body

Opt for comfortable apparel & shoes:

When lifting weights, wear clothes that are neither tight nor loose. Keep it in mind that UR attire needs to promote mobility so that UR movements are not restrictive. Also, UR shoes need to be proper to protect your feet in case any weights fall. Proper shoes help you engage in proper balance and give you traction while lifting.

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Don’t overdo it:

Make sure you’re not overworking yourself and stop when you feel any strain or pain. It’s best not to concentrate only on one muscle or a group of muscles. Maintain a balanced approach overall. Choosing the right weight is important, choose a weight which feels comfortable but still requires a decent amount of effort. Choose a weight that you can get 12-15 reps and increase the weight as you get stronger.

Don’t be in a hurry:

Rushing an exercise can hamper your progress as you may get injured. Just lift the weights slowly and focus on each movement to get better control and avoid any kind of injury. When lifting weights, going slow equals faster results. Even though you may be tempted to rush and complete the number of reps, avoid it. When you do the exercises slowly with proper concentration, you reduce the possibility of strain and injury.

Don’t overlook increasing the weights slowly:

Though lifting weights that are too heavy should be avoided, if we feel we can push a bit harder, then definitely attempt it. If you need to swing the weights (use momentum) to lift it, it means it’s heavy for you. Make sure you don’t choose weights that shift UR focus from the movement of your body.

Don’t forget to rest:

Your muscles need rest to be able to repair damage and recover. Even though you may not want to take any time off from the gym, it’s very essential, as UR body and muscles must recover from any overexertion. To prevent any overexertion of muscle groups, follow a workout schedule that allows you to plan UR rest days. Don’t forget to enjoy those rest day, as balance is the key to achieving optimal results.