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Top 5 Protein-Rich Vegan Dishes

Shiny Surendran

MSc, Grad Dip Sports Nutrition (Intl Olympic Committee), Accredited Sports Dietitian - Sports Dietitians Australia, Level 2 Kinanthropometrist - ISAK, New Zealand

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Switching to a vegan diet is not an easy choice to make, especially when you think about your favorite dairy and meat dishes. There are also concerns like do I get enough protein from a plant-centric diet? Will any of these vegan recipes be tasty? How much nutrition will I really get? To answer one of your questions, here are five top flavorful and protein-rich vegan dishes you can include in UR diet.

Lentil dosa 

Green gram lentil is the main ingredient in this dosa. It is a crepe that is made with a batter made with soaked green grams and spices like ginger. Apart from being protein-rich, this breakfast dish is high in fibre and vitamin content making it a complete dish in itself. In various parts of India, it has a different version. Some prefer to eat it with onion topping and some with upma as a stuffing. As it might be quite heavy and cause issues like gas due to indigestion, it is consumed with ginger chutney which aids digestion.

Chia or basil seed pudding

Chia or basil seed pudding

If you are in a hurry or exhausted after a long day at work, assemble this quick snack. All it takes is two spoons of chia or basil seeds soaked in water. To the seeds, add your preferred nut milk, garnish it with seasonal fruits available and a spoonful of pumpkin seeds or flax seeds. Finally, top it with coconut scrapings and a fulfilling evening snack is ready!

Dry fruit ladoo or granola bar

Pre and post workouts meals are as important as the workout itself. If you have trouble finding the perfect snack to satisfy your protein needs, try a homemade dry fruit ladoo or granola bar. Dry fruit ladoo is made with a mixture of seeds, nuts and dates. All you need to do is mix all of these ingredients to form a ladoo or make them into granola bar made with oats!



This is a famous snack or lunch dish many are familiar with. Dhokla is made from gram flour that is steamed and seasoned with punchy spices. It is mostly eaten with iron-rich tamarind and date chutney. Or green chutney with chilies, mint and coriander.

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Sprout salad 

The main ingredient in this dish is green gram sprouts or alfalfa sprouts. Though sprouts are beneficial as they are, to make them into a salad add seasonal fruits, colorful veggies and herbs, one spoon of seed mix and micro herbs. A single bowl of this salad is a complete meal by itself. It can make your skin glow and help to resolve constipation issues too.