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Why Does Anxiety Worsen At Night And What Can You Do About It?

D Tejaswi

4 min read

If you experience night-time anxiety, don’t fight it. Resistance can make it worse. Read on to rest your racing thoughts and learn about what is keeping you up at night.

“Because the dark has a life of its own. In the dark, all sorts of things come alive.” These lines from classic film, The Bad And The Beautiful ring true for anyone who suffers from anxiety attacks at night. Your mind paints vivid scenarios of unnerving experiences. You get up from the bed, drink water and attempt reasoning with yourself. If this seems like something you’ve gone through before, anxiety is probably to blame, and you should seek anxiety treatment. “Stress and anxiety affect sleep. Some factors that influence our sleep system include genetics, family history of insomnia, mood disorders, environmental stress and anxiety,” says Dr Savita Date Menon, Ph.D., a Mumbai-based psychologist.

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