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Yogi, Spiritual Leader

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Presently, people are finding it difficult to understand the tendencies of their own mind and body. The world is reeling under stress. People are not happy for who they are, what they work on, and the kind of people they meet and so on. There are complains about everything. Ask anyone about their problems and they will endlessly talk about their struggles, challenges, pain and agony.

Today, stress management is one of the most searched terms on the internet. Despite the availability of innumerable luxury and comforts the amount of dissatisfaction among people has increased by leaps and bounds! No generation has enjoyed such comforts. These days, you can share thousands of mails in a minute – you can get anything you want in seconds or travel anywhere within minutes! But despite these countless blessings, problems never seem to end!

You need to understand that the root cause of the problem lies in U. It’s no use pointing out to any situation or any other person.

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Everything you feel, think or experience happens within you. The understanding of the whole world lies within you. Light and darkness happens within you; pain and pleasure happens within you; joy and misery happens within you. Agony and ecstasy too happens within you.

Everything U feel, think, and experience happens within U. The understanding of the whole world lies in U!

If someone right next to you touches your hand, you think you are experiencing their hand. But you are only experiencing the sensation. Even without the aid of the other hand, you can still create the sensation by using your own imagination! You need to understand that the fundamental seat of UR experience lies within you. You cannot experience the true nature of anything. You can only perceive something in UR mind. The entire human experience generates from within you – at least in this sense then, things should take place the way you want it to happen.

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People often struggle with handling their own thoughts and emotions. As a result, there is stress and suffering all around. To manage these feelings, people go for psychiatric medications. In advanced regions like Europe, about 350 million people use psychiatric medications every year. This is 39 percent of the population! It’s unfortunate that a society that has enjoyed generations of economic well-being has 39 percent of its people relying on chemical formulations to function normally.

In such a scenario, if a few pharmaceutical formulations were to be withdrawn, possibly, 39% of the population may just go out of control. Is this what we call well-being? The entire world is moving in this direction! We are all trying to walk on the same path, without experiencing our own inner power! External support is pursued because we feel the current experience of our life is not good enough. We need to effective deal with this myth of the mind.

Take charge of UR mind and body to understand the all-encompassing dimensions of life.