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How to Reverse Grey Hair? For Starters, Stop Stressing About it

Adarsh Soni

3 min read

People have long believed that stress can turn your hair prematurely grey. While only a few weeks ago, this was nothing more than just an unproven statement, new research suggests that it might be true after all.

Hair greying is one of the earliest, most visible signs of aging, whose modulation by genetic, metabolic and nutritional factors has long attracted skin biologists, dermatologists, and the beauty industry. Greying is of profound psychological and commercial relevance in increasingly ageing populations, after all, the global market for hair colour is valued at around twenty three billion US dollars according to a report by Goldstein Research. But what if we told you that your hair could return to its natural state just by reducing your stress levels?

A 2021 research by Dr Ayelet M Rosenberg et al, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Columbia University, New York, USA, found that stress can lead to grey hair and taking stress away appears to reverse the process, allowing white strands to return to the natural colour at the root. Your hair turning grey is not a linear, fixed, irreversible process, but is malleable so it can be ‘bent’ and perhaps reversed.

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