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Healthy or Toxic ? How would u define UR eating habits.

Kripa Jalan

Sports Nutrition Specialist & Profesional Nutrition Consultant

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Everyone loves food – the variety, the colors and the aroma! But COVID-19 has made us reconsider our food choices and reduced the variety of food we indulge in. And post COVID-19 it has become all the more important to indulge in healthy eating for a faster recovery from the illness and resuming normal living.

The Role of a Balanced diet in Coping with Corona

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is good health’
Our health depends on a couple of factors including how well we eat, how much we exercise, how well we sleep, our environment’s impact over us, and the impact of our relationships. It’s not only about how well you eat or exercise.

What are anti-anxiety foods?

You can’t be sure that a particular food may cure a disease. But a poor diet creates inflammation in UR gut and this in turn creates nuro-inflammation, which is linked to several health issues including depression and anxiety.

Anti-inflammatory foods:

Dietary fiber: It adds bulk to UR diet, it keeps UR gut happy and so it keeps UR mind happy.

Probiotics and Prebiotics: They are usually found in food such as kimchi and mizo, apple cider vinegar and unsweetened yoghurt with live active cultures.

Spices: They don’t just add flavor to UR food but they also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: UR body does not have these and so it depends on UR food. These can be found in nuts, seeds and salmon.

Pro-inflammatory Foods

Sugar: Sugar is present in almost every food and has harmful effects on us. Sugar is also highly inflammatory. So you have to keep a tab on UR sugar consumption.

Alcohol and coffee: These are stimulants. But studies indicate that alcohol consumed over a period of time causes anxiety. Caffeine in excessive also causes anxiety. It is essential to cut down on the consumption of coffee. Reduce UR intake of coffee slowly and steadily or find a healthy alternative.

Inflammatory seed and refined vegetable oils: These include corn, canola and sunflower which are very harmful for U.

Learn what foods work for U and against U in UR fight against COVID-19

Why do People get anxiety and what are the foods that they should be eating?

A lot of mental health issues arise from inflammation or issues in the gut. But, this is not the only factor because each person’s triggers are unique. In the same way, thinking that a particular food/medication will have the same root cause is not correct.
So, inflammation refers to redness, swelling, or bruises we receive when we get cut. It’s a good sign and indicates that UR body is healing.
This is termed as acute inflammation. But when acute inflammation becomes chronic, it means something is seriously wrong. You need to follow a balanced principle with regard to inflammation – ‘not too much, not too little, just an appropriate amount and then U heal when the symptoms come down’.

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Gut Health

Your gut and body are always talking to each other. In fact, the gut is known as ‘the second brain’. So, it is very important to take care of UR gut health.
U will always find tiny good and bad bacteria in UR stomach. U must ensure that U have more good bacteria to have good gut health and overall health.
So, a gut-friendly, balanced diet should include half a plate of vegetables, a small serving of animal-based/plant-based protein, some whole grains and some healthy fats, because that’s what protects you and keep UR brain happy.

Some Food practices to Avoid

Curtail UR sugar content – Consumption of food products such as processed jaggery, honey, the brown-rice syrup, the malt syrup should be minimized.
Sugar has over 100 disguises!
A recent study suggests that almost 70% of the honey found in India is sugar syrup.

Read UR Labels and avoid processed food – Look at the ingredient list, if U don’t cook with any of the ingredients mentioned on it, don’t buy it.

Maintaining a balanced diet is key to a healthy living!