UR Quick Guide to Travelling During the Rains & Floods

Anindith Reddy

Director/Promoter OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Detailing. 5 time Indian National Racing Champion

3 min read

The shower spells keep getting heavier by the hour. Along with the excessive rains come the floods which have unfortunately impacted many places across the country.

Did you know that a wet pavement leads to almost 1.2 million injuries every year? Even though it may be raining or flooding, we still have to carry on with our daily life, chores, work schedule and more. Here’s a guide for you to follow when UR venturing out in the rains!

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Be mindful of UR clothing.

Wear a bright raincoat so U can be seen while travelling in the rain. Getting drenched in the rain can lower UR immunity and can also invite many other health conditions to occur like cold and flu. Wearing protective gear can combat illnesses and stop the spread of waterborne diseases. Try to stay as dry as possible.

Ensure UR windshield wipers are in good condition.

Ensure UR windshield wipers are in good condition.

Prepare UR car in advance by making sure the windshield wipers are in good working condition in case of a rainstorm. This will help you see the road, vehicles, animals and any other potential threats which can bring harm to you or others during the rain.

Keep UR headlights on.

Rains impede visibility. Turning on UR headlights, makes it more likely for UR car to be seen when it’s raining. Make sure UR headlights are in working condition so it can help you make UR way through the rain! Turn on UR emergency light/ hazard light when it is required to signal others in the rain.

Check if UR tires are working correctly.

Check if UR tires are working correctly.

Doing so will help you manoeuvre through the water with ease and also help you have more control over UR car. Please do not speed as UR tires can skid. Ensure all UR rubber seals / beadings are in good shape to prevent water from entering the cabin.

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Stay up-to-date with the weather forecast.

Watch the news or any weather updates so UR not in for a surprise. This will also help you preplan when UR travelling to work. Avoid driving through deep water. If U have to drive through deep water switch the AC fan off and ensure UR in a low gear.

Keep an emergency kit in UR car or bike.

Keep an emergency kit in UR car or bike.

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. It is best to keep a first aid-kit in UR vehicles at all times. This can give you temporary relief until you get medical help.

Avoid rush hour commuting.

Travelling during rush hour is highly dangerous due to flooding roadways. Local businesses and offices usually won’t stop due to the rain and so won’t the commuting crowds. Suppose UR visiting busy roads or areas that are generally waterlogged during the monsoons. In this case, it is better to avoid travelling in public transportation as you may get stuck while travelling in choked/saturated lanes/areas.

Waterproof UR electronic devices.

Waterproof UR electronic devices.

Almost all of us carry our phones and other electronic items every day. It is best to get a waterproof pouch or case which will protect UR phone, laptops, tablets and any other electronic devices.

Don't accelerate too much.

Follow a consistent speed while UR riding a bike or driving a vehicle. It is advised not to travel in a car, as the water may end-up going inside the silencer/exhaust pipe which can stop UR car/bike abruptly. If UR car switches off, do not attempt to restart in water. This could potentially lead UR engine to get hydrolocked and seize.

Applying a ceramic coating on UR can and windows for better visibility and easier cleaning.

Help others only if you can.

Help others only if you can.

Don’t become a casualty while helping someone. Try UR best, but if you can’t, call for help!