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Sleeping Positions And How They Can Affect Your Mood

Dr. Ravi Kshirsagar

MD (USA) PGDDE (UK) Consultant Physician and Diabetologist.

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What Your Sleeping Posture Says About Your Mood

You have a super important meeting the next day and you think you’re all set for it. But your brain keeps buzzing and you might end up not sleeping early either. Well, that certainly puts you on the back foot, doesn’t it? Meditation and calming methods can help you get to sleep properly and peacefully, but if you still wake up tired or cranky, then you need to take a look at your sleeping posture.

As unbelievable as it sounds, your sleeping position can actually alter, your mood the following day. Why does it happen? Well, we need a good night’s rest for our body and mind to function normally and most of our postures in bed end up hindering a relaxed and refreshing sleep. Here are few postures with their pros and cons.

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On Your Stomach

After a long, tiring day all you want to do is fall flat on your stomach and go to sleep. The only good thing about this position is that it stops you from snoring. On the downside, it is really bad for your back. The natural curve of your spine is no longer maintained and that can cause a lot of lower back pain and normal posture issues. People with back pain really need to avoid sleeping this way. Besides, this is also one of the common causes of wrinkles too.

On Your Sides

On Your Sides

There are two sides to this (pun intended); lying on your right side helps your spine relax but unfortunately, you also end up constricting your entire cardiovascular system. It puts a strain on your lungs and rib-cage hampering blood circulation. Of course, your body will not allow this to continue, meaning you will toss and turn a lot to get the circulation back on track, which makes you really tired in the morning. Therefore, sleeping on your left side is better – it helps circulation and doesn’t compress any of your insides.

On Your Back

This is by far the most common position in the world. It is also quite beneficial. It distributes your weight evenly on the spine and it also stops the annoying acid reflux that causes heartburn. And if you’re worried about wrinkles, this position helps you prevent them because you won’t be buried under a pillow. You can either have your arms facing upwards or downwards, this helps in improving your circulation and helping you wake up fresh and rested.


Lying on your right side helps your spine relax but, it constricts your entire cardiovascular system.

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