Covid 19

వ్యాయామని మెడిసిన్ గ వాడండి : పోస్ట్ కోవిద్ రికవరీ

Dr Srikanth Katari

MPT, Clinical Head - Apollo Rehabilitaiton Center

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Exercise is a safe activity to boost the blood supply to different sections of the body. The movements of the exercise keep the body & mind alert. Did U know that doing exercises post COVID contributes to the process of healing?

Primarily, physiotherapy—as a form of exercise–has an important role to play post COVID. COVID-19 often affects the working of lungs. Chest physiotherapy can control the damage occurred due to COVID infection.

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Physiotherapists advice using a 3-step routine to regain strength, immunity and lung power.

  1. Warm-up: It includes leg bends, hand swings, slow jog and walks. Warm up helps to gradually raise the body temperature and blood flow.
  2. Physiotherapy Chest Exercises: It includes using basic equipment to better enable the respiratory functions. Equipment such as resistance band, simple spirometer warms up the lungs, muscles surrounding lungs, and the rib cage. It is advised by the experts to perform chest exercises in standing position rather than sitting & sleeping position.
  3. Stretches: It includes side bends & spine twists. It enables healthy, flexible muscles. Also, it supports the motion of different joints.

COVID-19 often affects the working of the lungs. Chest physiotherapy can control the damage that occurred due to COVID infection

Techniques to Expel UR Sputum

There are a few lung clearing techniques to improve the respiratory function and decrease the chances of lung infection. The main four easy ways are:

  1. Coughing: This action helps to clear the throat by the means of a sudden, forceful release of air. It clears the airways, and any irritants if clogged on throat.
  2. Huffing: This technique enables moving mucus away from the lungs by the means of slow inhalation and forceful exhalation.
  3. Using respiratory device: In order to move mucus from smaller airways to larger airways, a respiratory device can be used to suck the secretions and make it easy for the person.
  4. Autogenic Drainage: This airway clearance technique is often prescribed by respiratory therapist to achieve highest possible airflow in the respiratory area. It treats the chest, lung, diaphragm related issues.

Wellness advice from qualified experts

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Respiratory Exercises for People Over 65

Old people need easy methods when it comes to treating any health issue. Two beneficial respiratory exercises for people above 65yrs are:

  1. Singing aloud: It may sound strange but singing aloud can clear the airways.
  2. Cycling: Cycling, using a standalone instrument, is a controlled way to exercise for aged people.
Exercises for Vulnerable Patients — Post COVID Recovery
  1. Strengthening exercises
  2. Cardiovascular exercises
  3. Spirometer use
Chest Physiotherapy for Disabled Patients
  1. Stand before mirror.
  2. Look at UR breathing movements.
  3. Concentrate the movement of stomach while observing the breathe.

Lastly, it is to be noted that post COVID recovery needs dedication, patience, and commitment. Performing workouts as suggested by physician may yield faster results.