Covid 19

వేగంగా కోవిడ్ నుంచి కోలుకోవడానికి రోజు యోగా చేయండి

Rajani Palanpati

Yoga Expert, Certified Yoga Acharya

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Many COVID patients today suffer from low oxygen complications. In some cases, the patients do not even realize the lack of breathe due to the weakened body signals. This can be overcome by doing a few strength and awareness building practices. One such effective practice is Yoga. This simple, spiritual, physical form of exercise establishes better breathe control, health and relaxation.

There are specific body postures, a part of ascetic discipline, that helps to improve breathing. If U suffering from post COVID symptoms, doing these can imbibe a sense of calmness to get out of the fear and stigma zone. Practising these yogas daily can bring balance, wellness and goodness to UR life.

Here are some of the asanas U can do:

1.Brahma Mudra

It engages the important parts of the body like neck, tongue, teeth and side-muscles. It releases negative energy from the body to feel energetic. To do this asana:

  1. Lower UR chin down towards the chest
  2. Gaze at the tip of UR nose
  3. Breathe comfortably
  4. Now slightly bite the tongue on UR teeth
  5. Lift UR head and look in between the eyebrows as the head goes back
  6. Follow it by a slight bite on the tongue
  7. Bring the head back to center
  8. Now, turn the head to look at left shoulder from the corner of the eyes & lightly bite tongue on UR teeth
  9. Repeat the same procedure for the right shoulder
  10. End it with 2 long inhalation and 2 long exhalations
  11. U can do it 4-5 times to strengthen the neck muscles
2.Side bend

This asana stimulates the lower part of ribs on both sides of body where the diaphragm gets attached. Diaphragm is a breathing muscle and it gets weakened due to lack of use. Yoga brings awareness to these muscles. To do this asana:

  1. Place UR left fingertips on the floor on one side of the body
  2. Bring UR right hand up to the side
  3. Inhale and lift right arm over the head. Just lengthen up the body straight for a moment
  4. Exhale and put the arm down
  5. Repeat with the alternate hand
  6. Relax for moment and U can shake the shoulders if needed
  7. Next, bring UR left fingertips to the floor
  8. Inhale and lift the other arm up
  9. Exhale and lean UR body to the side bend
  10. Walk UR fingers little lit away and keep lengthening to the upper arm
  11. And then gaze towards UR left hand. Repeat this for both the sides

Besides strengthening muscles and bones, yoga also boosts other systems of body like nervous, immune, cardiovascular, digestive and other psychological forms.

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3.Asana to help open back lungs

Back lungs have a lot of surface area to breathe. Activating the area can help improve the overall breathing. To do this:

  1. Place a pillow in front of UR body
  2. Lean forward and put UR forehead down on the pillow
  3. Stretch UR arms on the sides of the pillow
  4. Breathe into the back lungs
  5. U can also rest UR hands on the pillow
  6. U can start with 3 breaths and do it for as long it is comfortable for U
4.Strengthening Asana
  1. Lie down on UR belly
  2. Bend body using the hands and knees
  3. Stretch UR right toes to the floor right behind U
  4. Push up through UR heel and lift up through UR chest
  5. Put UR right leg come up from the floor as high as possible
  6. If U feel comfortable stretch UR left arm as well and gaze forward
  7. Repeat the asana with the left leg

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    1. Lie on UR belly
    2. U can take a pillow and put it under the chest
    3. Cross UR hands
    4. Bring UR right knee up to the side. Bend the knee in a right angle so that the foot is flat
    5. Rest UR head down on pillow
    6. Stay here for about 5 breaths and repeat it for both the sides
6.Asana for rib expansion
    1. Keep knees bend together and rest UR hands
    2. Put UR hands on the belly
    3. Inhale and exhale and feel them in UR belly
    4. Keep UR hands still and let the belly move
    5. Move UR hands in different positions, below ribs, side of the ribs. U will feel ribs go out-in
    6. Rest on the back for moment. Roll on side and come back up to sit. Check with UR breathing. U should feel calm
7.Asana with humming sound – Shanmukhi Mudra
  1. Place UR thumbs on the ear
  2. Place pointer and middle finger on the eyes, ring finger below the nose and pinky finger below the lips
  3. Inhale slow and exhale with hum

These exercises have miraculous effects on the body. It promotes a holistic experience which is both good for the mind and body. Try and make most of the asanas during UR post COVID period.