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Discover The Primal Side Of Your Life

Joshua J Holland

Co-Founder SystimFit (Dedicated Biohacker, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Holistic Health Coach & Sports Professional)

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Discover The Primal Side Of Your Life
Joshua J. Holland, Co-Founder SystimFit (Dedicated Biohacker, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Holistic Health Coach & Sports Professional)

1. What is Primal Blueprint?
2. My Primal Blueprint Certification
3. Primal Blueprint & Ancestral Wisdom
4. The 10 Laws Of Primal Blueprint
5. The Easiest Primal Blueprint Laws To Follow

What Is Primal Blueprint?
Founded by Mark Sisson, Primal Blueprint is a programme that focusses on the nutrition and lifestyle of individuals based on studies of understanding how our primal ancestors lived. The foods they ate and the movements they engaged in, the sunlight they received and so on.
The Primal Blueprint Health Coaching certification was one of the first the first health coaching certifications that brought everything together for me within my career – and what I mean by that is, Mark put this idea out there that we as people should kind of understand how our ancestors have moved and operated and lived and different lifestyles that we as humans have lived.
Mark came up with this sort of primal/paleo ideology that maybe I had forgotten or didn’t know as much about. During the time he had started ‘Mark’s Daily Apple’ in 2006-2007. I had also started to see some of the stuff he would write on his blog and I looked at him and realized that he looks amazing for his age and he is very fit – so I can kind of get behind somebody who’s older that I am, more experienced and someone who walking the talk and living by what he’s preaching and that’s was what kind of also gave me this idea for starting to learn how I can change my life so that I can also help people like I was being helped.
My Primal Blueprint Certification
When I noticed he was rolling out a certification programme – I thought I definitely wanted to be a part of this because I’ve learned so much and I can continue to learn more because I wanted to separate myself from being just a fitness trainer into becoming more of a health coach and so it was quite an investment for me, but I considered it just that. I considered it an investment for my own health and health of my loved ones and colleagues and friends near me but also into my career, because I knew that this would allow me to kind of diversify my offerings and my services that I could give to my clientele – so I started to dive into the programme and got certified – one of the early group of certified coaches out there because I had followed Mark Sisson for such a long time.

Primal Blueprint & Ancestral Wisdom
What I like about it is everything within the primal blueprint methodology is the simplest. And of course, a lot of people know me as a biohacker but this didn’t start until I really understood the primal and ancestral wisdom that sort of came about from my learning and my teachings with the primal blueprint. So I went to the foundation, learned what are the basic things that we as humans have done for millennia since we’ve been on this planet – on this earth, and then from there I progressed into learning more about other things. But it started from this as being my roots. So we can call it foundation we call it roots but this is where a lot of it started for me – when breaking out of ‘just fitness.’

The 10 Laws Of Primal Blueprint
1. Eat lots of plants and animals. The thing I like about here is that he doesn’t say you have to eat this much or eat that much – it’s just get good quality plants and animals and if it works for you and you feel like it helps you and you are figuring out what’s going on with your gut then continue that.

2. Avoid poisonous things. When people first hear this, they probably think okay don’t eat chemicals and things like that but he even means don’t eat soda and sugary beverages and things like that. It is considered poisonous to our body.

3. Move frequently at a comfortable pace. This law is very self-explanatory.

4. He was one of the first to bring up this idea of sprinting and when doing it properly. You only need to do it like once a week but it says sprint once in a while. Basically depending on where you are on your fitness level – once a week will suffice and if you are very athletic or a performance athlete then twice a week, but definitely you want to allow a lot of recovery between sprint sessions.

5. Rule number five is get adequate sleep – this is definitely among one of the top of my pillars.

6. Number six is play. In today’s society this one’s important because sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously and we don’t have enough time or we don’t set enough time for play. When we weren’t in a pandemic I was playing basketball a couple of times every week. So this one is a big one for me. I love it.

7. Lift heavy things. This is also very important because a lot of people out there think that only running will be enough for them to be in shape. Also, a lot females, I work with are afraid to lift heavy things because they think it will make them bulky which is totally not true but this reminder really helps us to become more resilient beings and just encourages us to think strong versus only skinny or only the aesthetic looking good – we want to be functional. So I like this one.

8. Get adequate sunlight. This should be easy enough. But it’s an important rule to focus on because we get so many benefits from the sunlight and yes of course we can mimic that by using infra-red – full spectrum infra-red lights and red light therapy and things like that but nature is perfect, so going outside and putting your bare feet on the ground and getting sunlight is very necessary.

9. Avoid stupid mistakes. If you’re going to take risks like doing sky diving which I’ve done – it is a risk, but it’s like you can be the healthiest person on the planet, and have the best tech, eat the most organic food and live the best lifestyle and meditate but if you are bungee jumping and you die, then almost all of this is a waste so just do your best to avoid dying.

10. Use your brain. Using your brain can come in a lot of ways. When you’re playing you’re going to be using your brain. Hopefully, you’re playing in a way that forces you to use your brain. When we putting all of this together, using your brain is something we do, anyway but I think this one is really meant to say that use your brain in a variety of ways because the brain is such a magnificent tool; a magnificent organ is our body when really challenged can help us thrive. You know when you can learn things like juggling and playing chess, playing a musical instrument or singing or whatever. That’s kind of what I think when I see this rule.

The Easiest Primal Blueprint Laws To Follow
I think all of these rules are easy and simple to follow and carry out but it may not be easy to implement because we as humans are good at finding excuses and we procrastinate. It may be easier for me to point out the tougher ones. I think sprinting once in a while may be tough for most people but the fact that you only need to do it once a week is definitely easy.
If you can’t go outside to go and sprint, then do it inside – how can you do that? There’s an exercise I like to do called the running net. You basically stand in place – put one foot in front of the other as if you are about to take off running but you are just staying in one position and moving your arms back and forth as if you are running like you are sprinting down the street. This is a very effective method of getting your heart rate up and giving your body this feeling of as if you are sprinting. Now, is it as good as sprinting in real life like sprinting outdoors or on a treadmill or something like that – no, but with this idea of doing what you can is better than not doing it.
The easiest one out of all of these rules I would say. Depending on where you live, getting adequate sunlight might be easy. Actually, moving frequently at a comfortable pace is probably the easiest one we can do. On the whole, doing what you can and picking one or two from this list to focus on each day is very doable.

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