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Top 5 Ways To Kick-Start UR Morning With Meditation

Michele Paradise

Havening Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Hypnotherapist

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Meditation has been given several definitions over the years in philosophical, spiritual, religious and sometimes even in the most practical spheres, but the fact remains that it is one of the most underrated practices in the modern age. While many dive deep into the art of meditation and the ways to do it, all that you need is to understand that meditation can be attributed to any activity done with focus and mindfulness to train attentiveness or awareness of UR thoughts and emotions.
Why You Should Meditate In The Morning?
Empirical evidences over the years have suggested that mindful activities done first thing in the morning can have a positive impact throughout the day. As meditation prepares an individual towards having a focused and an alert mind, it has a positive effect on the upcoming activities carried out during the day. We cleanse our body in the morning to prepare it for the day so why not cleanse UR mind with meditation?
Meditation Techniques You Can Do In The Morning
The concept of meditation has been interpreted in several different ways. Some unconventional interpretations of meditation include reading, writing, exercising and so on. Some people claim that cleaning can be meditative too. So look for activities in UR life that demand UR utmost focus and which are also enjoyable, as such activities become meditative. Thus you accomplish two goals. Engaging in a productive activity in the morning also sets UR mind for the rest of the day. Beginning UR day with such an objective brings about a holistic sense of well-being. So try meditating in the morning and see the difference!
Benefits Of Meditating In The Morning

Focus And Attentiveness

You can begin UR day with utmost focus and attentiveness. This focus and attentiveness that is the ultimate aim of meditation has a positive carryover to other activities lined up during the day.

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Mind Conditioning

Each day begins with positive reinforcement in the means of mindful conditioning. You can get one of UR most productive activities done first thing in the morning by also adding a meditative element to it.


Mental Preparedness

You can counteract expected stressors in UR day, by mentally preparing UR mind for the same.


Better Sleep-wake Cycle

Early morning meditation can boost UR overall well being as it also sets a certain sleep-wake cycle in UR body when you condition yourself to get up early to focus and gain attentiveness.


Better Eating Pattern

People have claimed to have had a better eating pattern throughout the day when they are in control of their thoughts and emotions. Thus, meditation discourages emotional eating.

Most importantly, remember that meditation is a practice, not a destination. Meditation is not measured by failure or success so if you have trouble settling and focussing some days, be kind to yourself and do not put pressure on yourself to “get it right”; know that you have benefited by just taking the time to stop and breathe.

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