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Top 5 Lame Excuses Not To Exercise During Quarantine

Rakesh Uddiyar

Director & Founder Body Wizard Fitness Academy & Celebrity Trainer

3 min read


I will start from tomorrow

You need to understand that there is no tomorrow if there is no today. If there is no now - there will be no tomorrow! Fitness is everything. If you don’t keep yourself fit you are inviting chronic health issues. It’s as simple as that!

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I don’t have access to gym equipment

I don’t have access to gym equipment: This is a very common excuse. The truth is there is no interest to exercise. You can train anywhere - at home, office or even when on the move. All you need is a few things which are easily available. Try exercising with resistance tubes, water bottles, or any kind of weights which you can lift. It can be an empty gas cylinder as well.


I don’t know how to train

If you really want to train you will. There are various online resources that are easily available. You can also refer to books on exercise or get in touch with an expert in the field. If training alone during the quarantine period is not appealing enough, try registering for some online classes. You can try Zumba classes, HIT workouts, Bachata, yoga and so on. All you need is a WiFi connection and you are good to go.


When I train I get body pain

The body pain you experience after exercise is due to lactic acid. This is mainly produced in muscle cells and red blood cells. The lactic acid forms when UR body breaks down carbohydrates to use for energy when oxygen levels are low in UR body. But once the lactic acid lessens, UR body will get used to the movement or exercise UR trying to do. So don’t let pain put you down and ensure you move UR body. Exercise helps you to burn calories and also makes you mentally, physically and emotionally strong. Consider UR body to be a temple and take good care of it.


I’m overweight but healthy & don’t care what people think

If this is your excuse, it means you are not motivated enough to take up any exercise. You want to be in your comfort zone. You are not able to control your mind. You need to realize that regular exercise will not only make you healthy during these troubled times but will also help you be the best version of yourself! You cannot assume you are ‘fit.’ Your goal should be to strive for both physical and mental fitness for overall wellness. Also, learn to control UR food cravings and ensure you don’t become or remain an emotional eater. This is all the more important during lockdown, as many people have little else to do besides cooking, eating and relaxing.

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