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Ways to a restful night’s sleep

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

2 min read

A restful night’s sleep is a luxury for many. There are loads of sleep-inducing teas, pills and sprays, that I sometimes feel may have a placebo effect if they are natural. Charmaine D’Souza’s mix for sleep works best for me. Try and stay away from sleep medication as much as possible, they are highly addictive.

Early dinners

Eating at least four hours before bedtime can improve UR sleep quality and avoid indigestion, stomach cramps and bloating. Indigestion causes a lot of sleep disturbances. Flatulence while sleeping can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and can take a toll on UR sex life.

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Stretching & relaxing

After a hectic day it may sound great to stretch and relax, but it's difficult to achieve. Do something that doesn’t stimulate UR mind, this includes all digital communication. If talking to people relaxes you then put them on speaker and lock the phone so you don’t see the blue light. Stretch every part of UR body if possible before sleeping.


Exercising regularly

Regular exercise reduces insomnia, mental stress, releases endorphins and regulates UR body temperature. Make sure you avoid strenuous exercise 2 to 3 hours before bedtime, however a very famous actor told me that he walks for 30 minutes post dinner to help the digestion process.


Reduce fluid intake post 6pm

It’s not worth drinking tea, coffee or sugary substances post 6 pm. 80% of UR water consumption for the day must be complete by 6pm. This helps avoiding unnecessary pee breaks in the middle of UR sleep.


Keep UR bedroom clean and linen smelling fresh

Keeping UR bedroom clean will automatically make you feel relaxed and comfortable to have a restful sleep. I like to freeze the room, but my partner prefers the fan. Nevertheless, we both love clean smelling linen and make sure we burn camphor and sage in our rooms to remove negativity. Our spaces have to be clean and our bed side tables have to be clutter-free. It’s a rule.

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