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Lockdown Tips To Take Care of UR Skin Health

Dr Rashmi Shetty

Dermatologist, Aesthetic Expert, International Faculty & Author

4 min read

We’ve all done a brilliant job so far in trying to beat the coronavirus by following all the rules, eating immunity foods and getting used to this laid-back lifestyle. That being said, a lot of us have gotten a little lazy or bored of following a daily routine. But, that doesn’t mean we completely forget to adhere to the healthy habits of self-care and love. Self-care can mean many things from treating yourself to a relaxing bath, applying a face pack or oiling UR hair. It’s always a good thing to treat yourself and who would beg to differ during this lockdown. Granted, we don’t have the boon of heading to the spa or the salon anymore, but we can still streamline a couple of habits in our daily routine to make it less daunting. Here are a few simple ways you can treat the skin UR in.

Follow UR Daily Skin Routine

With almost everything closed for four months and not an open salon in sight, our skin care and daily routine has really taken a hit. Our sleeping patterns and eating habits are just not the same anymore. All of these affect not only UR mind, body and UR skin too! We can use a few simple tips in our daily routine to avoid the impact on our skin. Gently wash UR face with products which are suitable for UR skin type. Moisturizers must be applied every time you wash UR face, even if UR skin is oily. Ask UR dermatologist or skin specialist to suggest the most suitable skin care routine you can follow. Exfoliators are optional and should be used only once or twice a week.

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Circadian Rhythm

Being isolated during lockdown has brought challenges to almost every household, and many people say that their regular daily routine has been completely disrupted. Not having a daily routine can lead to anxiety and unnecessary stress on UR body. Eating healthily, sleeping well and staying active are all recommended during the lockdown. Maintaining a consistent sleep and meal pattern is key to improving UR health, which in turn will eventually reflect on UR skin health.


Balanced Nutrition

Healthy diet tips to improve your skin during lockdown include reducing alcohol intake and eating the rainbow diet. Avoid sugary drinks and caffeine and drink plenty of plain or infused water to hydrate your skin. Vitamin C-rich foods provide antioxidants needed for glowing and radiant skin. Eating the right nutritious foods can also boost your immunity, improve digestion, gut health and help you lose weight.


Be In Touch With UR Doctor

Sometimes, people suffering from skin issues wait for a long time before getting proper medical care or attention. Using many products to treat the symptoms without knowing the underlying cause also redefine UR skin's health. Nipping a problem before you experience the full-blown symptoms does help.


Stay Happy

Some wrinkles or implacable blemishes can put you in a bitter mood. But it turns out that a bad mood could be the cause of wrinkles and scars, too. This is because negative emotions like stress release cortisol in UR body. All this fluctuated in UR hormone levels and showing up on your face. On the other hand, just as negativity can wreak havoc on your skin, positive emotions can help improve your skin. And the best part is that positive emotion increases your skin's ability to repair and renew itself naturally!

Staying happy will definitely keep UR hormones in check, which means that pesky imbalances that may be the major cause of skin problems will no more be a problem. And to top it all off, some research also suggests that people who smile or laugh more often tend to look younger, as a result.

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