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Things you should know about UR family doctor

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

2 min read


Has he/she renewed their medical license

This is very important for every doctor to follow. Sometimes a personal relationship can come in between questioning an important aspect. For the sake of UR loved ones and you, please make sure UR family doctor has a valid license. Addressing this reassures UR trust in your doctor as well.

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Are they well-versed with new medical practices?

It doesn't matter since when you know UR family doctor. It's crucial that UR family doctor is updated with the latest treatments and medical practices. If you find it sensitive to shift, try doing an online consult and get another opinion. It’s so important for people in the medical profession to stay up to date with the latest advancements in medicine & technology.


Are they aware of UR family's health history?

During times of Emergency knowing yours and UR family’s history can be extremely beneficial. Being aware of UR allergies, medical history, family history, habits, lifestyle and environment play a huge role in times of emergency. Updating UR family doctor with UR yearly family health check reports can be a huge leap towards taking responsibility for UR health.


Are they available and accessible when you need them?

It’s important that UR family doctor makes you a priority and is available when you need them. If they are too busy, it’s worth a change. Comfort is built through availability and accessibility. Remember they need you as much as you need them.


Do they have tie-ups with teaching institutes, multi-specialty hospitals and other experts?

This can be a deal-breaker because every individual should get the right medical treatment they deserve. UR family doctor should work with a set of experts to gain knowledge as well as a second opinion. Associations with multi-speciality hospitals or educational institutions help gain knowledge as well as access to a trusted network of experts at the time of need. I’m not saying this just because of Apollo, but I know how group practice works and how important it is for the doctor and patients to get a second opinion. UR safety is way more important than the doctor’s ego.

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