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Five Ways To Train UR Brain During COVID-19 Lockdown

Michele Paradise

Havening Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Hypnotherapist

3 min read

COVID-19 has pushed us back against the wall with the unprecedented lockdowns throughout the world. We are surely trying to live with this novel coronavirus in every way possible. And with things are opening up in due course. While we are all waiting to go back to normal, our brain has been kind of redundant in the past 2-3 months. The unprecedented changes in our lifestyle due to this lockdown, we need to train our brains to improve cognitive and social skills.
Learning new skills, setting new goals and challenges for the brain are part of the training to keep our minds functional. Here are the top 5 ways in which you can train UR brain for a more cognitively active lifestyle.

Diversity Is The Key

Our activities in daily life rely on several brain or cognitive functions. They include memory, language, planning and speed of processing, among other things. Different types of activities allow us to train our brain do learn more thinking skills. Doing crosswords puzzles, for instance, maybe a great way to teach language and short-term memory.

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Set Smart Goals

When you are sitting inactive at home, the best way to get back on track is to set goals. But don't set the bar too high. Instead, look to monitor UR small goals. When you are done with one part and want to move forward, revise them and aim for a bit higher. UR goal should be about doing a new task in defined time or even achieving a higher difficulty level in a set timeframe.


Brain Workouts

These are a great way to train UR grey matter. Research has shown that it isn't compulsory to exercise the brain every day. Instead, doing a 'brain workout' session of 30-60 minutes in a week is a great way to keep going. After you've completed the task, try to use these newly-learned skills in UR daily activities. This will help you transfer the gains of the brain workout into UR day-to-day operations.


Overcoming Challenges

Always remember that the more challenging the activity, the more chances of sharpening UR cognitive ability. It might happen with you that you will not be able to conquer the set goals. It can be either because of setting the bar too high or things going beyond UR control. It is in these times that you will have to overcome the obstacles by planning meticulously instead of giving up.


Better Together

Ever heard of the phrase two heads are better than one? Well, it works great in the gym for you, right? Try that when you are doing cognitive training. It will not only be more enjoyable but may also increase our level of effort. It will also help you overcome boredom. Not in the mood to do it with face to face? Try going on video calls with UR friends and train together.

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