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5 Valuable Quarantine Gifts For UR Mom

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

3 min read

Nothing can express the strength of motherhood, it's natures highest law. Right since childhood, women are naturally designed to have a balance. Call it a supernatural power women are born with, or a power that's cultivated. They're unstoppable and are up and about, round the clock no matter how physically drained they are. Selfless & unconditional love is abundant in their DNA. This mother's day think differently about UR mothers needs.


Ever wondered about the importance of UR mom's health and how it impacted the emotions in the family? She's made sure UR health was in top shape as a child, its time you do the same for her. Has she had her annual check-up? When was the last time she did a mammogram? When was the last time she met her gynaecologist? Have you asked her about her general health and wellbeing? Getting to know her aches and pains will help you plan a wellbeing program for her. It is essential to keep tabs on her physical and mental wellbeing as both are related. Arrange all her medical records and keep a tab on her medication. If she doesn't have insurance, make sure she gets a policy or check if UR employer covers UR parents insurance.

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Relax, Get To Know Her Better

How well do you know UR mom? When was the last time you chatted with her about her likes and dislikes? Women believe in multitasking and sometimes can have stress or anxiety related to this, but will hardly complain. Let her loosen up a bit. Give her a head massage, clean her feet and apply the cream, stretch her out. These are small gestures but will make her feel special and show that UR intentions are pure. Don't bring up touchy topics, keep things light-hearted.


Cook Healthy

Gone are those days when you cook fatty fancy elaborate meals for people you love. Healthy cuisine is now the most fashionable and shows you care about the person and the planet. Make a healthier version of a dish she makes. You mom will love everything you make, this can be UR subtle way of teaching her to change her eating patterns as well. Starchy sugary foods will end up giving her diabetes or hypertension. Spicy foods will give rise to stomach issues. Remember she has started ageing, and this means her food choices and portion size have to change accordingly.


Revisit Memories

Revisiting old memories is like therapy. It takes you back to a happy place. Make a mental list of all the happy moments and experiences you have shared together. Going over these memories will teach you to value relationships and how to nurture current ones. It's an important lesson for a lot of us who prefer nuclear families these days. Create a list of experiences that you want to create in the future, these are moments you will treasure and realize their value at a later date.


The Hobby Experience

Due to her schedule, there might be many hobbies that have taken a back seat. Help her retrace the steps back to hobbies she likes, such as art, craft, gardening, music etc. Help her reorganize her schedule to incorporate hobby time in her life here on. Motivate and encourage her. Make hobbies a way for her to earn, be independent and express herself. UR mother deserves this.

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