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5 Smart Ways To Choose A Mask

Dr. Rashmi Shetty

Celebrity Dermatologist, International Faculty, Expert in Aesthetics

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The most significant change in our new norm is wearing a face mask at all times while being outdoors. There's growing evidence that masks can help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Although UR mask is protecting you from COVID carriers in contaminated areas, a lot could be on the outer layer of UR mask which can easily compromise UR health and well-being. Committing to wearing a mask all the time can raise questions on; how to choose one, will it protect you from the virus, or will it suit UR skin. Face masks can create excess moisture, that affects the production of sebum in UR skin, leading to clogged pores, whiteheads, breakouts or rashes. Choosing the wrong mask with rough mask edges can also cause irritation, sores, or even cuts on UR skin. This is why I've created a checklist that helps you buy can help you buy the right mask that is gentle on UR skin and tough on the virus.

Type Of Facemask

Face masks can be split into two basic categories: disposable and reusable. Choosing a face mask that's reusable is, financially, logistically, and an environmentally friendlier option. Opt for a pure cotton mask to allow UR skin to breathe even when the mask is on. Ideally, masks should be made of tightly woven cotton instead of synthetic fabric, as they are more breathable and softer on UR skin.

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Fabrics with tighter weaves and thicker threads have been shown to block respiratory droplets more effectively than those with looser weaves and thinner threads. Masks with two or more layers of fabric are considered more effective than one layer masks. When choosing a face mask, opt for one that fits snugly over your mouth and nose. You don't want one that you'll have to touch repeatedly to adjust. It shouldn't feel uncomfortably tight, either. The mask should be breathable and easily washable.


Masks That Fit

Due to our anatomy and cheekbone structure, few masks like surgical masks leave some gaps that don't provide protection. If you are using an N95 mask, it may not be suitable for children as it is too big for their face. So the key is to make sure you are covering the nose and mouth without suffocating yourself.


Mask Etiquette

Don't contaminate your mask by touching it and avoid rubbing your chin against UR shoulder. The germs will end up on UR mask, which can make you more vulnerable to the virus or any infection. If you happen to sneeze, change your mask immediately as it has become damp or wet it can attract dust, debris and other unwanted contaminants to easy penetrate into the mask. As a precaution, always carry an extra mask with you, even if UR using a reusable mask.


Disposing Masks

Dispose one-time use masks after every use and avoid reusing them. Reusing invites skin rashes, breakouts, redness and unnecessary skin concerns. Its best to use cotton masks that can be washed or opt for bio degradable masks that don’t pollute our precious environment.

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