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5 Questions to ask UR nutritionist

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

3 min read

Doctors of the future are those that treat nutrition as medicine and work with certified professionals to prescribe a healthy eating plan for their patients. Food is medicine and U R what U eat. 80% of lifestyle diseases are a result of bad eating. If you believe, prevention is better than cure than consulting a qualified nutritionist is absolutely necessary. A nutritionist helps you set a lifestyle, for me, he/she is as important as my doctor. Make sure UR nutritionist is not an enthusiast but has, a. PhD/MSC in diet/nutrition/clinical nutrition. b. PGD in Sports Nutrition, experience counts for only 40%.

There are so many diets out there, what is UR USP and on what basis are you planning to suggest a plan for me?

This helps understand the approach that’s going to be followed. Nobody knows UR body better than you. Check if the approach suits UR lifestyle before committing to a plan. Family, budget and living environment can play a huge role in meeting goals. Choose wisely.

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Has UR nutritionist asked about UR budget, working environment, UR daily lifestyle, levels of stress, blood work, medical history and reason to lose weight before prescribing a plan?

If UR nutritionist doesn’t spend time understanding you, he/she obviously doesn’t care. Find someone within UR budget that can advise you correctly. Many people avoid going to a nutritionist thinking that it may increase the spend on groceries per month. A good nutritionist will help you plan a better fitness diet plan for you and your family and give you enough knowledge to work within UR budget. If they forget, don’t forget to ask.


How do I keep in touch & how will you track my progress?

A lot of nutritionists have assistants that they work with. It’s fine as long as UR disciplined and can check in with the main nutritionist every 15 days. Connect with the team a minimum of once a week. Buy short term packages, see how they work and then commit to a longer plan. Don’t get swayed, U know UR willpower and determination best. If possible, keep a daily food log to track UR progress. Be honest with yourself.


What are the key takeaways that need to be followed to achieve my goal?

A nutritionist should set guidelines that are easy to work-around. Adapt them to UR lifestyle and get one step closer to achieving results. Who doesn't like junk food after a long day or on a cheat day! I’m not against indulging but find a balance. UR nutritionist should guide you towards being conscious of what you consume.


What happens if I don’t reach my goal and cheat a bit?

Well, discipline is key if you want to be successful in anything in life. It’s hard for me as well but it's all about willpower. Personally, I recommend shorter goals as its easier to be strict. If you decide to cheat then don’t have great expectations. UR body will respond only when UR mind is set to achieve UR goal. If you don’t reach UR desired goal, give it another shot. But try harder next time, practice portion control, try intermittent fasting or fitness diet plan change UR spontaneous eating patterns. I truly believe in trying, try & keep trying till you succeed.

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