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5 Qualities of an Ideal Trainer

Sohrab Khushrushahi

Founder SOHFIT (Crossfit Level 1 Trainer; Mobility and Movement Specialist (MobilityWOD))

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Look for a person who is qualified and has the right kind of certifications and experience.

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A person who is willing to listen and not someone who only stamps their authority on you – instructing you to do only this or that. A trainer needs to understand who they’re working with and cater to that, as set principles cannot be applied to every single person.


I strongly feel that every coach needs to look the part. I don’t think I would train with anyone who is big, fat and out of shape. The reason being, a coach should always inspire you to work harder!


Be aware of coaches who try to oversell themselves. A trainer should not be giving you advice on medications or on food – because they are not qualified to do this.


Man management is also important because your coach will be spending more time with you than possibly your best friend does! If you take a coach for five days a week – you will be spending five hours a week with this person. So, UR trainer needs to be someone you can communicate with and who understands your body and your moods.


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