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5 Hair Myths Debunked!

Dr. Radha Shah

MBBS, MD (Skin & VD), Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Apollo Hospitals

2 min read

Our hair has an important role to play in our overall look and personality. Still, we have been living with some myths about hair care for so long, that we have actually started believing in them mindlessly, disregarding the facts. Therefore, it’s important for us to debunk such myths and to take care of our hair with natural ingredients. Here’s the list of five common myths associated with hair.

Greying Of Hair Happens Only Because Of Stress

It is often thought that greying of hair occurs because of the presence of increased stress in our lives. But this is not the case, it happens because of the absence of the pigment named melanin which is responsible for our hair being black in colour. However, stress can aid the greying of hair but is not the only cause. Genetic factors, unbalanced diet or illness also contribute to the lack of melanin.

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Increased Hair Fall Because Of Shampoo

It is often thought that shampooing the hair often increases hair fall. But this is not really the case. Hair fall happens when our hair roots are not strong enough to hold the hair properly. Therefore, it is necessary for our scalp and roots to be healthy and nourished so that it can hold the hair.


Hair Grows Faster When Cut Regularly

The hair growth actually takes place from its roots and not the ends, hence it doesn’t really matter if we cut them regularly or not. Nevertheless, it is important to get a haircut to chop off the split ends. Doing so provides more volume to UR hair and adds a fresh look.


The Presence Of Dandruff Means UR Scalp Is Dry

They are two different problems causing a similar reaction, flakes. Flakes from the dry scalp are caused due to skin irritation, and dandruff is caused due to excess oil on the scalp. The dry scalp flakes are white and small, whereas the flakes caused by dandruff are white or yellowish with a tint of oil. A certain type of yeast is responsible for dandruff. Applying oil to your hair, thinking it is dry scalp could make the problem worse. Flakes form balls and nests in the hair and also cause skin irritation.


Shampoo And Conditioner Should Be Applied To The Entire Hair Length

One of the biggest myths is that one should apply shampoo and conditioner to the entire hair length. However, the basic purpose of shampoo is to cleanse. Therefore, it should be applied nicely on the scalp. Whereas, conditioner should be used on the hair ends to make them softer and to reduce split ends.

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