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5 Biggest Fitness & Workout Trends Of 2020

Leandi Van Zyl

Lead - Sport Science / Strength & Conditioning Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital

4 min read


At Home HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workouts

A lot of people have been confined to their homes during recent months, and this has impacted what training looks like. Household items like chairs, water bottles, towels or backpacks have helped to serve as gym equipment for workouts at home. This will continue for the foreseeable future until it is safe for gyms to reopen. A good way to increase the intensity of UR home workouts is by doing high intensity interval training. This incorporates using time as a measurement of intensity. The exercise time in these workouts can range anywhere from 20 seconds to one minute with short rest intervals in-between exercises. These workouts are very effective if you have limited time to do a training session.

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Functional Training

Before the lockdown, many gyms had developed ways to train people to lift heavier weights, do more repetitions and burn lots of calories. However, recently there has been a shift towards doing the right exercises that improve everyday movement. Functional training helps strengthen you in specific areas that are weak and helps you move better and more efficiently. Functional training is also easier to do at home. The risk for injury is also lower in comparison to programmes that need heavy equipment.



Yoga has always been popular as an effective way of distressing while improving flexibility. Yoga High Intensity Interval Training uses dynamic yoga stretches in quick bursts to burn more calories while improving muscle length. These classes are done online and do not need any equipment, which makes it easy to do at home.


Virtual Cycling & Running

Virtual cycling and running has made it easy for endurance enthusiasts to train in the comfort of their home. It is as easy as hopping onto UR training cycle or treadmill and joining other friends and athletes in a virtual races or exercise sessions. There are many different tournaments and training sessions which can take UR endurance to the next level. The best thing about online racing is that you can compete against top athletes.


Technology-Led Training

Whether it is smart watches, fitness applications, GPS devices or heartrate monitors, technology is changing how we train! Technology is ever evolving and so is wearable technology and training programmes. Using the latest technology keeps you motivated and on track, to reach UR fitness goals. Smart watches help you see how much work you have put into UR training session. By looking at your heart rate and the amount of calories burned it is easy to see if you have to push more or less. There are multiple fitness applications that help people stay active during the lockdown. These applications show you what exercises to do and some can help monitor UR training sessions as well. However, these applications do not allow for individualized programmes and can increase the chances of sustaining an injury. What’s great about technology is that you are able to have online training sessions with qualified trainers in the comfort of UR home. This will make UR session more customized and a trainer can make sure you are doing all the exercises with the right techniques.

During the lockdown staying active can be difficult but adding functional training, high intensity interval training, Yoga HIIT or virtual cycling or running to UR workout programme can keep you motivated and add some excitement to your routine. Using technology to monitor all the training you are doing is an effective way to know if you are improving. The best thing about technology is that you can take part in any training session without even stepping outside UR home!

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