Mint-Coriander Juice

Shweta Shah

Nutritionist & Cofounder of Eatfit247

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Approx. Cost

INR 30



Cooking Time

5 Mins

Ingredients list

Mint: 1 cup
Coriander: 1 cup
Lemon juice: 2 – 3 drops


Step 1 :

Start by washing and blanching the leaves in warm water for about 10- 15 to remove any hidden and unwanted particles.

Step 2 :

Add mint, coriander and lemon juice and blend the ingredients together using a blender or a juicer.

Step 3 :

Sieve the juice. Pour the juice in a tall glass and enjoy!

Mint has always been known for its refreshing purpose. Never knew a mouth freshening product that doesn’t feature mint in it. As for coriander, we all know it is a garnish, but there is much more to coriander than just being a garnish.

Fab headache remedy
The soothing properties of mint help in relieving the inflammation of cells that causes a headache. Not only that, but it also protects us from other concerns like migraines and flu symptoms.

Assists in breaking down food
Mint leaves are filled with flavour. When they are chewed on, they promote the release of saliva and enzymes that helps to break food down. Further down the digestive tract, this really helps in solving the problem of indigestion.

Heals mouth ulcers
We all might have experienced a mouth ulcer that just makes it uncomfortable to eat, speak and resist to bite it. Coriander extracts have shown excellent results in healing these ulcers and preventing them. If you are constantly attacked with these ulcers, chew on some coriander leaves.

Coriander leaves are filled with an abundant source of vitamin C and K, β-carotene. They contain antioxidants, as well, that fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals compounds can cause harm to the body if their levels are too high. They’re linked to multiple illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Aids in weight loss
Mint leaves elevate the secretion of bile acids that help in digestion. Mint leaves also help in the complete digestion process and lends a hand in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. It also increases the metabolism rate and thus promotes weight loss.

Reduces acne
Mint leaves possess antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that prove beneficial for the skin. These properties help them to reduce acne outburst, help with redness and soothe the skin. It is also beneficial drink if UR looking to even UR skin tone.

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