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How To Achieve Peace In UR Life


Yogi, Spiritual Leader

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We are the most comfortable generation to have ever lived on this planet. In our endeavour to make our lives more secure and tranquil, we have also tried our best to fix the environment and if we fix it any more, there will be no planet left! Furthermore, our survival process is better organised than ever before.

For instance, you can go to a supermarket and buy everything you need for an entire year. Moreover, you can get all your groceries without even stepping out of your home! Never before in the history of humanity has such a thing been possible.

But despite having all the comfort, amenities and luxury at our disposal, we definitely cannot say we are happier, more loving or more peaceful than our forefathers.

There Is No Peace

Everybody desires peace in their lives, but their agitated minds prevent them from experiencing peace. Suppose you lose your peace — naturally, you will first quarrel with your husband or wife. But as this state progresses, you will go and yell at your neighbour. And if it progresses further, you will yell at your boss! The day you yell at your boss, everyone will come to know you need medical help. This is because, yelling at your husband, wife or neighbour may be perceived as ‘normal’ as everybody else is doing it, but yelling at your boss is considered to be taking it a bit too far.

Peaceful Chemistry Within You

When your mind is restless, you will visit a doctor who in turn will prescribe a tablet for you to get some respite. Once this tablet goes into your system, you will become peaceful — at least for a few hours.

This is due to the fact that when some chemical is put into our system, at the level of our body and mind, agitation leaves and a little peace sets in. So, peace is a sort of chemistry within our body. Similarly, every emotion has a type of chemistry and whatever the feeling, it will have a similar chemical process within the body that will adjust with it. If you are peaceful, peaceful chemistry will be within you. Or, if you can create that kind of chemistry within yourself, automatically peace will be within you. In yoga, it is approached both ways.

Creating The Right Kind Of Chemistry

With the right kind of practices, you can bring about a change in your internal chemistry and bring it to a particular level, so that, irrespective of the situation you find yourself in, you will always be able to maintain your peace. At present, your peace may be dependent on external situations. Hence, if the situation is conducive for you, your peace is not disturbed. However, if you find yourself in a situation that is not favourable to you, there may be a problem. Therefore, only when your peace is not a slave to external situations and your inner self remains the same, despite the external situations you encounter, it is called yoga. In other words, it can be said that yoga is the science of creating the right kind of chemistry.

Inner Peace: A Guide To Developing It

Being Peaceful Is The Very Beginning

When your inner state is pleasant, you are naturally pleasant to everyone and everything around you. No scripture or philosophy is needed to instruct you to be good to others. It is a natural outcome when you are feeling good. Therefore, inner pleasantness is surefire insurance for the making of a peaceful society and a joyful world. If you have the right kind of chemistry, being peaceful and joyful is the only way — it cannot be any other way. To be peaceful and joyous is not the ‘end’ of life but the ‘beginning’ of life! If you are not peaceful and always caught up in your own mental nonsense, you have not started ‘living’ yet, as being peaceful or joyful is the most basic requirement. You must be peaceful, even if you just want to enjoy your breakfast or dinner. If you are restless, you will not experience any enjoyment, as being peaceful is the very beginning of things. However, nowadays people go about propagating that the highest dimension of one’s life is to have peace of mind. Unfortunately, as a large population of the world has not made this ‘beginning,’ many are speaking about it like it is the ultimate goal in life. Additionally, it is very sad that so-called spiritual gurus are going about telling everyone that to be peaceful is the ultimate thing! What people don’t realise is that being at peace is the most fundamental of all things and it is not enlightenment or God — being at peace with oneself is the ‘A’ of life and not the ‘Z’ of life!

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