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How Stressed Are You?

Dr Savita Date Menon

Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Specialist

5 min read

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”. In urban India, the answer seems to have become a foregone conclusion. Almost akin to saying, if you are alive, you surely have stress!

So if having stress is a given, let’s check UR attitude towards stress. Is it driving or destroying you? Is it energising and invigorating, or is it extremely exhausting? Is it fantastic or fatiguing?

A simplistic diagnosis would be to ask you what UR answer was. If you said ‘yes’ to the former all the time, that does make you a stress addict. Without stress you don’t move, but with stress you are all charged up – face flushed, eyes wide, heart pumping and blood racing through UR arteries.

You may also have said ‘No’ to most of the questions. What then? You do seem to be at the end of UR tether, don’t you? You seem to be swamped under the burden of UR troubles. Or, the thought of stress puts you in panic mode. You are either overburdened with stress and close to burnout or you have stress phobia.

But why not do a quick 30-day stress analysis – a ‘how much’ and ‘where from’ check. You can understand the problem quickly, which will make working on the solution much easier too.

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