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Re think these lists post COVID-19

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

2 min read

Creating lists is one way of getting to know yourself better. Making lists helps us become more organized and more structured in our thinking, wants and desires. Set UR goals after analyzing UR lists. It's fun simple and extremely impactful.

Bucket list

A bucket list helps you prioritize UR wants and desires in terms of travel, adventure and exploring new experiences. Zoom in on what fuels UR life and gives you a sense of fulfilment. You can do it all provided you have a structure and plan around it.

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Goals list

Goals list is the blueprint to acing UR priorities. If UR clear about UR goals, UR wishes will automatically start falling in place. Goals should be small and achievable, they have to be stepping stones to reach the top.


Mood board list

Mood board list helps you visually see and reminds you to be artistic and have fun. Take time out for yourself, be fit and successful at the same time. Add pictures of the places you want to visit, people you want to be like and things you want to do. Research says pictures carry the same impact as words. Visualizing UR mood board helps manifest things into reality. I truly believe in the power of ‘The Secret’. If you haven’t read it, UR missing out.


Smart spending list

Smart spending list is a must post the COVID crisis. Managing UR expenses efficiently helps you save money, stabilizes UR future and gives you the right opportunity to invest in something fruitful like a startup or an SME. Based on UR income you can plan savings, gifts and travel. Living within a budget is like a game. The better you get at it the wealthier you will become.


Change UR habits list

Change UR habits list will make you more mindful of UR behavioral patterns. The first step towards becoming a better U is actually addressing and identifying the need for change. Be less reactive to things or scenarios which may trouble you or get the best of you. My mentor asked me to retrospect the difference between an assertive leader and an aggressive leader, this drastically improved my productivity. Practice being positive via guided meditation, positive affirmations or any activity of UR liking that bring about balance.

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