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How to find happiness wherever U R

Rakul Preet Singh

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Did U know that U can get high in happiness? What does “getting high” mean? Getting high is a state of mental euphoria. U can feel pleased, elevated and active even without the use of substances! All U need is some mental rewiring and neuroplasticity – the ability of UR brain to rewire itself. Neuroplasticity plays an important role in adopting new habits. It is the ability of UR brain to restructure itself for UR own advantage. With the help of neuroplasticity, U can develop new ways to feel “high.” But before U cross that path - U first need to understand what makes U feel high!

Know URself better

For some people, their biggest highs come with professional achievements. For some others it is when they do their regular workouts. It varies from person to person. This year, 2021 is the time to understand what makes U feel on top of the world! Take some time out to think about it. Once U recognize UR priorities and understand URself better - U will realize that feeling high is actually quite easy! This understanding often dawns upon us quite late because we are distracted by the different troubles and woes of our lives.


Count UR blessings

We fail to recognize and appreciate all of our blessings such as a good family, friends, health, and food! Instead of counting the gifts, we tend to crib about something we haven’t got! This unconstructive attitude needs to change. It’s now time to be happy for every minor blessing we are fortunate to receive. Be it the support of the people around us or the fact that we are living comfortably.


Build positive, engaging, meaningful relationships

Let UR happiness bring a spark to UR eyes and a spring to UR step! Let UR brain experience high-frequency positive vibrations! It will make you happier and healthier! You can even experience a high by just being with the people you love spending time with. But ensure you surround URself with positive, happy people. Know who UR real well-wishers are. Choose the people who U interact with regularly, carefully and strive to develop positive, engaging relationships with them. Remember, when U are grateful to people and their contributions in UR life, the relationship you share with them grows stronger!


Wake up with a smile everyday & practice inner happiness

Another way you can feel high and happy throughout the day is to wake up with a smile and energy. The very moment the day greets U - embrace it back equally with love and compassion! Be grateful for the fact that you’ve got another entire day to live! Practice inner happiness. It is a way to get high. Try and feel contentment from within. Don’t limit UR happiness to IFs and BUTs. Ignore the voids. Learn to embrace both bad and good in an appreciative way. One of the ways to attain this balance in sorrow and happiness is to meditate. Meditation opens the gates of self-realization! It will help you walk on the path of wisdom and maturity.


Understand the real essence of happiness

The first and foremost thing U need to understand is that happiness is not external – it is internal. It is easy to find happiness! No matter how bad the situation may be, you can strive to find happiness. It is in UR hands! Happiness does not root from anything extraordinary. Studies have found that money and material wealth do not contribute towards happiness. On the other hand, the secrets of happy people include their ability to enjoy the little things in life - living in the moment and not taking life too seriously! But what exactly makes U happy is something U need to figure out for URself. Try to recognize what is it that gives you core happiness. Meditation may help you work this out. Keep in mind, happiness is a mindset and a state of mind. Just be happy and U will be high on life!

Get high with happiness – things to ponder about!
  • Am I a happy person?
  • When was the last time I was happy?
  • What makes me happy?
  • Can I forecast my happiness?
  • What R the three most important things that can make me happy?
  • Do I wake up happy every morning?
  • What affects my levels of happiness?
  • Can I be happy if I get rich?
  • Being happy can make U healthy! Here’s how!
  • Happiness promotes a good lifestyle.
  • Happy people eat greater servings of fruits and vegetables in a day.
  • People who are happy engage in activities such as exercise and yoga regularly.
  • Studies find that being happy may help keep the immune system robust.
  • Happiness fights stress. The levels of cortisol drop when people are happy.
  • Happiness may also help to decrease blood pressure which promotes a healthy heart.
  • Happiness may help reduce pain in conditions such as arthritis as well.
  • Ways to boost UR happiness quotient
    • Eat healthy to boost UR chances of being happy.
    • Practice regular meditation. It will help U to live life in peace and happiness.
    • Practicing positive thinking. Optimism nurtures happiness.
    • Get adequate sleep. It has a positive impact on UR happiness levels.
    • Get a proper understanding of what makes U feel high. It may help keep U happy!
    • Do aerobic exercises. It has been found to promote happiness levels.
    • Convey UR gratitude. It will keep U happy!
    • Count UR blessings - it will help to keep U happy and contended!

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