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4-Step Skin Regime

Dr. Rashmi Shetty

Celebrity Dermatologist, International Faculty, Expert in Aesthetics

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While you cannot avoid little zits and breakouts once in a while as UR body adjusts itself, a good skincare regime can see you through the toughest skin phase of UR life. As a teenager, UR skincare regime is different from UR mom’s. It’s much simpler, and you do not need a cupboard full of beauty potions. UR skincare routine should be about proper cleansing and protecting UR skin’s natural oil and moisture balance. It is a good idea to invest in a good cleanser and moisturizer meant for younger skin. Avoid using creams meant for UR mother, as they are formulated to handle older skin, which is very different from a young person’s skin. Here's a 4-step skin care regime for lockdown!


Use a gentle foaming cleanser that will remove makeup and excess oil but won’t dry out UR skin. Once a week, you can try a mild exfoliator to remove tanning and dull skin.



For daytime, use a light moisturizer that contains sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. Or pick up a broad-spectrum sunscreen. If you < href="" target="_blank">suffer from acne, then do some spot treatments with salicylic acid. Look for hydrating creams with some skin brightening optical illusion properties in them that brightens UR skin immediately and doubles up as makeup.



If you have irregular sleep cycles and spend a lot of nights staying up, then add an antioxidant like vitamin C and Omega fatty acids to UR diet as well as UR skincare regime. You can look for creams with pomegranate, grape seed extracts, amla or Indian gooseberry, or vitamin C and Coq10. You can pick a serum to use under UR sunscreen or makeup. Try some face packs on UR day off to pep up UR skin and give it that little extra pampering it needs.



At night, after washing UR face, you can apply a hydrating mask or a layer of UR cream or moisturizer. Clean off before you hit the bed.

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