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Recuperating faster and stronger post COVID

Dr Vemagiri Andrews

DNB (Internal Medicine), DNB (Nephrology); Sr. Consultant Nephrologist

3 min read

The period of post COVID-19 is crucial. The way U handle UR fitness, lifestyle, appetite, and mental strength decides UR recovery rate. There are exercises that U can perform to recuperate faster and stronger.

1.Breathing on a flipped stomach: This special breathing technique is useful to improve the amount of oxygen that goes into the lungs. To do this, lie flat on UR stomach. Take deep breaths—a little longer than UR usual duration. Do it for 10 minutes. This technique is good for lungs because majority of UR lungs are on UR back. It clears up the airways.

2.Yoga & Pranayam: These ancient methods of breathing are still very affective for body. It improves the capacity of lungs to hold and release breathe. These activities enhance the calmness within the person, thereby making the patient feel relaxed. Studies say that relaxed mind and body helps in recovery.

Follow SMS formula in COVID scenario. S stands for social distancing, M stands for mask and S stands for sanitisation.

3.Using incentive or simple spirometer: Spirometer is an apparatus that measures the amount of air moving in and out of lungs. Using spirometer improves breathing and lung recovery. To use it, put the mouthpiece and seal UR lips on it. Now, breathe in slowly and breathe out in UR normal speed. Do it atleast 30 times a day post COVID.

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4.Cardio exercises: Use a stationary cycle to exercise daily. It activates different regions including spine, hips, back, knees and ankles. Increase the intensity slowly over a period of time. Also, take a good back support and place UR knees so that they are neither overstressed nor under. To decide the intensity of cycling, here’s the formula:

a)Keep in mind the number 220
b)Minus UR age from 220. For example, if U are 40 years old, minus UR age from 220. It becomes 180.
c)Thirdly, target 80% intensity of the number U get.
d) Take care not to cross the intensity beyond the number U get.

Other health tips to keep in mind
  • A myth says that don’t do cardio and weight together. Shed this fear and begin a combination of it together.
  • Instead of taking protein powders to gain UR lost weight in COVID, consume plant and animal proteins. These are natural and better.
  • U can do weightlifting post COVID. Start with lighter ones, do it in right form, and ensure several repetitions to build good muscle mass.
  • Move UR joints carefully during the exercise. Keep other joints still and move the sole joint U are targeting at.
  • U can donate blood if U have recovered back from COVID.
  • U can get re-infected with other strain of COVID virus although U have been infected once.
  • Follow SMS during all scenarios. S stands for social distancing, M stands for mask and S stands for sanitisation.
  • Have a pulse oximeter at home. It is fine to have a pulse rate between 60-100.
  • If UR baseline fitness is good, U can even hit the gym. Also, consult UR doctor. Start slow and slowly build up the pace.