Six Things to Do Before A Night Out

Have a fun night out with friends coming up? These moments can make some of the best memories, but not being prepared enough beforehand can put a damper on your plans. Here are some ways to get yourself ready for the best night out.


With the festive season coming up again, your social calendar may be looking full. Be it the anticipation of Christmas or the onset of the wedding season, the winter air is buzzing. While it is exciting to look forward to any night outs you have planned, it is important to prepare yourself well enough for the upcoming activities in order to have fun without regretting it later. Here are some things to keep in mind.


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1. Get some rest: Even having fun can be exhausting. No matter what plans you have for your evening about town, you don't want to feel tired in the middle of all the activities. Getting adequate sleep helps to repair and recharge your body, and also affects your mood. So don't forget to catch some solid sleep the nights before to have yourself charged and ready. You can even take a quick afternoon nap on the day of—a 10 minute nap can show improvements for things such as fatigue and cognitive performance, according to a study published in Sleep.

2. Don't forget to hydrate: Drink plenty of water beforehand to avoid dehydration. Remember to hydrate throughout the day before going out (and during your night out) instead of just drinking water at one go. Water regulates body temperature, can affect energy levels, and may help with headaches, so hydration is key to prepare your body for a night out.

3. Fill up on protein-rich food before going out: Having a full stomach will help keep your energy levels up. Eating a nutritious, wholesome meal before your night out can be especially helpful if you choose to drink. Drinking on an empty stomach makes alcohol get absorbed into your bloodstream faster, and can make you feel sick. Having food in your system will slow down this rate of absorption. Opt for foods rich in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs, as they fill you up for longer and help with satiety. Also choose foods that will provide you with the nutrients (such as potassium) and the hydration that is depleted due to alcohol consumption. Things such as bananas, eggs, avocados, chicken, quinoa and yoghurt are good choices.


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4. Remember to carry the essentials: Put the 'fun' in 'functional'. Pack your handbag well ahead so that you don't forget anything essential. Remember to carry things such as your mask, wallet, ID cards, keys, sanitiser, tissues, a bottle of water, and so on. It is always good to be prepared for any emergencies, so carry basic first aid items such as Band-Aids, along with any medication you may need.

5. Plan ahead: Although a night out is all about letting loose, planning ahead will help you have fun responsibly. Make sure to keep track of timings, location, and transportation arrangements of your night out. Wearing comfortable shoes and clothes can be helpful if you have a long night ahead of you. Your phone battery going dead all of a sudden can be a pain, so remember to charge it fully before you leave the house. Knowing your body's limits will help you not to feel drained or unwell the day after, so don't push yourself too hard.

6. Set some time aside for self-care: Give yourself time to unwind so that you can transition smoothly from work mode to play mode. Don't skip your daily meditation or journaling. Doing your skincare routine will not only give you that beautiful glow, it can also be a soothing ritual. Putting on your favourite music as you get ready for your night out will help you get in the mood.


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