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How to set up an at-home gym within 1000 rupees and get a perfect workout too!

Rakesh Uddiyar

Director & Founder Body Wizard Fitness Academy & Celebrity Trainer

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You Don’t Need To Visit A Gym To Be Fit
Fitness doesn’t need fancy equipment. You can get fit even on a budget, just by keeping things simple. You can have an effective home gym that gives you results with inexpensive devices as well. You don’t need high-priced gym weights but keep in mind that it should be balanced and comfortable to use. You can get a full-body workout and do a wide range of exercises in your home within Rs1000.

Yoga Mat
Working out at home is what everyone is currently doing during the lockdown period. So one of the first things to get yourself is a yoga mat or exercise mat. A mat is good to prevent back pain while doing lying down exercises. It also protects you from the floor. Yoga mats starts from as little as Rs285. Check online and choose the best one for you.

Skipping Rope
A workout using a skipping rope is considered to be a full body workout. It promotes heart health and is the best cardiovascular exercise you can do at home. In fact, many professionals use a skipping rope to get an effective cardio workout. Skipping ropes are also available from as little as Rs199. Check online and choose the best one for you.

Gym Dumbbell Water Bottles
Staying hydrated is very important and more so while training. The hybrid of a water bottle and dumbbell is very useful for not only keeping your hydration levels up but can also be used for various upper body and lower body exercises at home or office. These gym dumbbell water bottles are available online for Rs220. So put it on your shopping list without delay.

Resistant bands
Resistant bands offer a very effective workout and can be carried anywhere. You can do all kinds of freehand resistance exercises to build your strength with these bands. These bands exert a particular amount of force on UR muscles when stretched and can be used for both upper and lower body training. They improve joint mobility and are also a great way to help improve UR flexibility. These bands are easily available online from sporting goods retailers and cost as little as Rs299 for a pack of three.

At-Home Full-Body Exercises
We’ve already spoken about a cardio workout with a skipping rope but you can get a good cardio workout by just jogging around your building or climbing up stairs. These are inexpensive activities. What’s more, you can also view a yoga class online to get in some stretches and improve your flexibility. If you don’t have access to all the things mentioned above, use water bottles, a plastic rope for skipping and if you’re really strong you can use an empty gas cylinder as weights.
Here are some at-home full-body exercises you can do with resistance bands/water bottle/weighted bags /empty cylinder/ or dumbbells (DB).
• Suryanamaskar – 1 min
• Free squats – 1 min
• Free lunges 1 min
• Sumo squat – 1 min
• Donkey kicks – 1 min

1) Squats with dumbbells or bands (20 reps 4 sets)
2) Sumo squat with dumbbells or bands (20 rep 4 sets)
3) Lunges with dumbbells or bands (20 reps 4 sets)
4) Dumbbell stiff-legged deadlifts or with bands (20 reps 4 sets)
5) Dumbbell calf raises both legs or with bands (20 reps 4 sets)

50 Crunches
50 Scissor leg exercise
50 reverse crunches
V-hold for 1 min
Plank for 1 min

• Mountain climbers (2 min each)
• Jumping jacks (2 min each)
• Spot running (2 min each)
• Skipping (5 min each set)
Repeat this warm-up 2 to 3 times

1) Band or DB pull-down for upper back (20 reps 4 sets)
2) Band or DB rowing for mid back (20 reps 4 sets)
3) One arm row with band or DB (20 reps 4 sets)
4) Bent over row with the band (20 reps 4 sets)

5) Band or DB chest press (20 reps 4 sets)
6) Band or DB chest flys (20 reps 4 sets)
7) Incline push-up (20 reps 4 sets)
8) Suryanamaskar (20 reps 4 sets)
9) Pull-over with DB (20 reps 4 sets)

• Burpees (20 each 4 sets)
• Mountain climbers (20 each 4 sets)
• Hip bridge pulse at the top (20 each 4 sets)
• Crunches (20 each 4 sets)
• Leg scissors (20 each 4 sets)
• Reverse crunches (20 each 4 sets)
• V-hold 1 min each
• Plank for 1 min each

1) Standing biceps band or DB curl (20 reps 4 sets)
2) Triceps band or DB press overhead (20 reps 4 sets)
3) Door band or DB biceps curl (20 reps 4 sets)
4) Band or DB kickback triceps (20 reps 4 sets)
5) Hummer curl band or DB (20 reps 4 sets)
6) Tricep dips (20 reps 4 sets)

• Mountain climbers (2 min each)
• Jumping jacks (2 min each)
• Spot running (2 min each)
• Skipping (5 min each set)
• Repeat this warm-up 2 to 3 times

1) Shoulder overhead press with DB or band (20 reps 4 sets)
2) Lateral raises with DB or band (20 reps 4 sets)
3) Front raises with DB or band (20 reps 4 sets)
4) Upright row with DB or band (20 reps 4 sets)
5) Bent over flys with DB or band (20 reps 4 sets)

This is a circuit of all body parts.
Do 20 minutes of cardio exercise like climbing the building stairs or skipping at home, together with any combination of freehand exercises listed above.
During The Set
Remember this is a 4-day workout. The 5th day is rest day, after which you can start again.


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