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Ways to consume knowledge post-college

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

2 min read

Learning doesn't have to stop after college. The urge to keep learning should last a lifetime. To adapt to changing times keeping yourself up to date is essential.

Attend interactive workshops.

Quirky workshops help you learn practically and logically and make learning more appealing. Make a list of things you didn’t have the opportunity to learn for whatsoever reason and find a way to start. Simple things like drawing, designing, swimming or even getting involved in communities can give you a sense of fulfilment.

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Try globetrotting.

Post-COVID people are going to globe-trot more carefully. Make a bucket list of places where you want to go based on priority. Do research, study their culture & traditions, do extensive homework before you book UR tickets. This way you will know what’s in store for you. I love to be spontaneous but in a calculated manner. It’s not worth risking something precious for an adrenalin rush.


Get the real tee via educational apps or online classes.

I overheard a friend saying that he does one Master Class every week. I love apps that summarize books and have an audio read version. I prefer listening to Podcasts than songs when I commute to work, it gives me a different perspective on life. They are easy to access, pocket-friendly or sometimes free and provide you with the latest cutting - edge practices that also improve UR skill sets.


Attend a human library event.

Have you ever attended a human library? I haven’t, my team told me how cool they are, I looked it up and I’m all set to attend a session with an open mind. Apparently, these events are uber-cool and allow you to interact with intellects from diverse backgrounds. Attending one can also change UR perspective on the new ways of absorbing knowledge.


Party or Network.

Party or Network. Sounds weird, but sometimes Parties can be educational too. Depending on the crowd you can plan conversation topics in advance. Trust me it’s a done thing. A lot of times I have heard that UR Network is UR Net worth, I believe this only cos of the knowledge you gain with people’s experience. Alternately keep in touch with UR old colleagues or college mates to see what’s happening in their industry. The more you seek the more you reap.

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