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Ways to check if UR gym trainer is qualified

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

3 min read

There are so many quacks acting as trainers cos they have a good body. Their good body comes from discipline, not from the knowledge they have on the subject. Their expertise works for them, not for all of us. Some trainers get paid more than Doctors, this is absolutely unnecessary if the trainer is not qualified. Trainers deal with UR body equally as a doctor, make sure you choose someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Certification & experience

This should be the first question one should ask their trainer. Don’t feel shy, its UR right. The basic certification for a trainer charging upward of 30k rupees per month for personal training should be a. BA Physical Education/ Physiotherapy b. Valid certification from NASM/ACE/ACSM/NSCA/ AFPA/ NFPT/IFPA/ISSA/NESTA/PTA Global or AIF c. Certification in Bootcamps/ Circuit Training/ Animal Flow / Zumba from authentic sources in addition to points a & b. A lot of trainers may shun this, but we run a couple of Physiotherapy Colleges and deal with a lot of sports injuries so trust me when I’m giving you this information.

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Client testimonials

Do some Research, look around and find out how his/her previous customers rate UR trainer in overall experience and success. Get feedback from a minimum of 4 people. Not everyone is perfect, knowing UR trainers’ flaws in advance will help you train peacefully. Being comfortable yet not crossing the line of respect is an ideal scenario both ways when it comes to personal training.



A good trainer must have a very positive attitude. Research shows that using positive motivation helps push clients to reach better results than using aggression and comparison to motivate. The character of a trainer is imperative, as he/she is going to get up close and personal. Let them know UR comfort levels in advance. A lot of women do not prefer trainers touching them, voice UR opinion. It’s perfectly normal, remember its UR hard-earned money and valuable time that’s being spent.


Complete Body Analysis

Be cautious of UR trainer’s knowledge, if he doesn’t ask for UR recent thorough blood work and complete body analysis, he isn’t good enough. This also includes flexibility, stability, stamina and strength analysis. A good trainer never gives nutrition advice unless he/she is certified. Most educated trainers’ partner with qualified nutritionists to suggest a holistic plan. BTW I urge people to consult a psychologist as well to reach their fitness goals as it’s all in the mind. A combination of a qualified trainer, nutritionist, psychologist and will power were the key elements to my weight loss.



As harsh as this sounds, it's true. An unfit trainer can be a de-motivating factor in UR wellbeing journey. It’s really important for the trainer to practice what they preach. Bad Hygiene is a huge put-off. An unkept, unhygienic trainer is unhealthy to be around. The focus shifts from training to the trainers’ body odour or bad breath. Make sure UR trainer has good health habits and doesn’t push you to take unnecessary supplements and fat burners to reach UR goal.

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