Top 5 ways to motivate yourself to stay active


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When it comes to exercise or any kind of physical activity, there’s always some excuse we think of to stop ourselves from working out. This voice in our head can sometimes act like a gremlin that pops up with numerous excuses - ‘I’m tired,’ ‘the weather is bad,’ ‘I’ve got a headache’ etc. If you don’t keep the gremlin out, you’re never going to be able to start any exercise program! The phrase ‘no one ever regretted a workout’ is absolutely correct - you will always get a huge high from exercising. Remember this when you’re thinking of all the excuses to not workout. Don’t waste time deliberating about UR workout, just put your trainers on and get started! Here are five tips to help you keep up your motivation levels.

Set doable goals

This is the number one best way to stay motivated to exercise. Don’t think of things you cannot achieve. Put down all that you can accomplish with UR training. It could be a health goal, a physical goal, a shoot that you’re training for, a sport or just the ability to play with UR children without experiencing any aches and pains. Setting really attainable goals will give you the push to start off with your fitness journey or to keep going with your fitness journey. More importantly, keep reminding yourself why you started in the first place! This is something that will really help you to continue with UR workouts and not just start again and plateau. Just focus on your goals.

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Choose an accountability partner

When you’re following an exercise program, it’s always nice to have one training buddy who you can always count on. If you’re lazy, UR partner will push you to head to the gym! If you’re going to have a cheat meal UR workout partner may step in and remind you about the calories you want to avoid. You will be answerable to someone and this can really push you through UR fitness journey! When you have a partner supporting you with your workouts, achieving your fitness goals will be much easier.


Buy that outfit you’ve always wanted to fit into

This is another great way to push yourself to train. Buy that one outfit that you really want to get into – it could be an extremely sophisticated blazer or that little black dress you want or a saree you’ve always wanted to wear. Just ensure it’s that one outfit which you know you’re not happy to get into right now. Buy the outfit and train for it. This is something that will keep you really interested and motivated in your workouts. It’s worked with a lot of my clients.


Always try and reward yourself

It could be a small cheat meal, or a party that you want to attend. Anything that you know you have to ‘work for’ will do the trick! Don’t indulge in a cheat meal and then try to burn those calories. It’s never going to work this way. Instead, try and workout before you have to head somewhere. Look at the training as a way for you to achieve something you want to. Indulge in a party right after UR workout! This is one way you can make yourself work out because you will have something to look forward to at the end of the workout.


Get into the groove with group workouts

Working out together is one of the most motivating things to do! The kind of energy and vibes you experience in a group session is simply unmatched! There’s so much going on and it’s just an extremely exciting and motivating environment to be in. Consider joining a group class. It can be Zumba, a functional training workout or anything that will help you feel like you’re part of a community. Building a strong bond with a group of friends you’re exercising with can work wonders too. Your workout sessions will be enjoyable and you’re less likely to bunk or skip them. If working out in a group is not your thing, think about hiring a trainer for yourself. A trainer can provide you with the much needed impetus to work out and will push you to reach UR fitness goals.

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