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Changes to make to UR life post the Quarantine period

Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Wellbeing Curator

1 min read

This quarantine period has made many of us realize what we might be taking for granted, and luckily its nothing we can't fix.

Eat only as much as UR body needs not wants

Make smart food choices. Don’t over-order. Buy vegetables and fruit in smaller quantities to reduce wastage. Limit the quantity of food prepared at home and reduce the number of dishes to a vegetable dish, a protein dish and a complex carbohydrate. Keep meals fresh & simple.

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Be progressive about UR health

Gone are those days where you can take UR health for granted. Make adequate lifestyle changes, go for full body checkups regularly, stay active, don’t delay in addressing medical concerns and finally don't exert yourself. Be positive.


Revamp UR routine

Time management is key. Concentrate on working smart that investing those long hours that tire you out. Create a to-do list based on priority. Set short term goals to improve UR health, wealth & happiness quotient.


Take a digital break

Our digital consumption has grown overnight to enhance our lives. Cutting back on screen time is easier said than done, just be conscious and things will start to improve. Don’t have FOMO, give yourself time, take small breaks, explore nature, interact face to face or read a book.


Be mindful and thankful

Be grateful for what you have, UR surroundings, and pay close attention to what you allow to happen in UR life. Appreciate people, nature and give them the due credit they deserve. Be compassionate.

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