Guava Tamarind Delight


3 min read



Approx. Cost

INR 50



Cooking Time

20 Mins

Ingredients list

  • Coconut yoghurt: 175 ml
  • Honey: 75 g
  • Tamarind: 30 g
  • Guava puree: 50 g
  • Soy milk: 50 ml
  • Oats: 200 g


Step 1 :

In a bowl, add coconut yoghurt and honey. Mix the mixture and add tamarind puree, guava puree and soya milk. Keep aside.

Step 2 :

Take a bowl and add a layer of oats. Then fill the bowl with the yoghurt-guava mixture.

Step 3 :

Keep it in a fridge for 5 to 10 minutes and serve cold.

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Improves UR immunity: Guava is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps U from the risk of infections and illness. Also, this local tropical fruit contains lycopene–a plant nutrient.
The presence of vitamin C and lycopene helps to improve UR immunity.

Reduces UR cancer: The lycopene in the Guava offers several other health benefits. Lycopene has anticancer properties. Studies show that consuming lycopene rich foods reduces the risk of several types of cancer, mainly prostate cancer. It suppresses the production of cell cycle responsible for amplification of cancer.

Often Christmas is all about cakes, pies and chocolates. Have U ever tried to give it a twist? This Christmas, add a healthy dessert to your dining area. Nutritious desserts are an excellent way to boost the supply of vitamins and minerals in UR body. Let’s find out about the unique combination of Guava and Tamarind, and how it is helpful for UR health.

Guava, also known as Amrood is one of the most awaited seasonal fruits of winter. These round to pear-shaped fruits, with white, yellow or pink flesh is universally adored. Did U know that many people ponder if guava tastes like a hybrid between strawberry and pear? Well, think about it!

Lowers UR stomach disorders: Raw tamarind is a local fruit U get during winters. Tamarind has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The fruit helps in lowering UR stomach disorders such as constipation, liver and gallbladder problems.

Keeps UR flu at bay: Tamarind is a very rich source of vitamin C. It also contains magnesium, potassium, B1, B2, B3 vitamins to promote healthy skin. But mainly, the fibre in the raw tamarind
has natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to keep UR flu at bay. Good for winter, right?

Boosts anti-viral strength of UR body: Coconut Yogurt contains monolaurin, which is anti-viral in nature. Given the raging Coronavirus, wouldn’t it be wise to stock-up UR antiviral levels!

Guava Tamarind Delight is a quality dish if you want to balance your blood sugar. The coconut sugar used in the dish contains only 75 percent sucrose compared to the standard table sugar. So, indulge in this low-calorie dessert and add a spark of ‘healthy joy’ to your Christmas!

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