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Rashmika’s fitness mantras

Rashmika Mandanna

URLife Guest Editor & Indian actor

5 min read

We all know that regular exercise is good for our body and it can help us to lose weight and stay in shape! The best part about exercise is that you can start anytime – it’s never too late to jump onto the bandwagon of health. Start gradually and find ways to stay fit by including more physical activities into UR daily schedule.

Exercise can make you feel better, prevent illnesses and increase longevity. When you exercise, your body releases feel-good chemicals, which help improve your moods. Workouts bring about relaxation and keep stress and depression away too.

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Why do you work out?

Physical activity is vital to maintain an agile and lithe body, to lose extra weight and to stay healthy. One of the main reasons I work out is because I want a good body! I want to look good. I am proud of my body and I want to maintain it. Working out is one of the best things you can do for your body.
In the movie business, looking fit on camera is crucial. Nobody can be perfect but when on camera – it can feel like you’re under a magnifying glass. Exercise makes me feel healthier which in turn makes me happier and improves my moods. Exercising regularly is one of the best things to do to improve UR health.

I think I’ve reached a point where not working out even one day makes my body feel uncomfortable and heavy. I don’t like that feeling! I like to be fit – I like to be on my toes all the time, and I like to be active.

What does UR ultimate workout comprise of?

I generally like to mix up my workouts. I like to shock my body – sometimes I go for full cardio exercise or full weight training. One week, it’s all functional. It’s all over the place to make it fun. This way, I don’t get bored. I like to work out as much as possible and basically stay physically active. I don’t like to miss out on any of my workouts.

How do you define fitness?

For me, fitness is about good stamina. It’s about being able to push yourself harder! Staying happy is closely linked to staying fit. When you’re happy with UR body, UR mind will be happy and you will be comfortable being yourself. This may sound out-of-the-box but this is what I believe!

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What is UR ultimate fitness goal?

I want to be good at everything! When I do something – I have to be good at it. I don’t want to hear that you’re not good at this sport; you’re not good at swimming and so on. I will learn anything that is good for me mentally and physically. My aim is to be good at whatever I take up. It’s vital to make better choices if you want to achieve UR goals. Fitness dramatically improves the quality of life and to truly care about my health is my ultimate fitness goal. I feel I have an emotional connect with fitness.

What motivates you to hit the gym during the festive season?

I don’t really know what makes me workout so regularly. I think I’ve reached a point where not working out even one day makes my body feel uncomfortable and heavy. I don’t like that feeling! I like to be fit – I like to be on my toes all the time, and I like to be active. Exercising is very important to me. It’s not only good for my body but my state of mind and soul too!

How will you continue your fitness journey when you are 50?

As we age our stamina goes down and our muscles and joints don’t support us as much as it is supporting us now. The elasticity of our muscles too decreases with age. My approach would be just to move around as much as I can to avoid pains, aches and injury. I don’t think I will ever give up on working out and pushing myself harder. Even in my 50’s I’ll be exercising to maintain my stamina, strength and muscle mass.

What is your opinion on women & weight lifting?

It is actually a myth that women should not lift weight. Initially I used to think that weight lifting is giving me muscles. But it’s quite the opposite. Your body becomes smaller due to more muscle and lesser fat. When you’re lifting weights, you’re using UR entire core and body. Not only is UR muscles strengthened but your bones too. Weight lifting promotes weight loss and prevents bone loss. It can help you to get a sleek and toned body. There’s no doubt that women should take up weight lifting and shouldn’t just stick to aerobics and dancing or anything like that.

If you had to, which workout would you skip?

I would stop my weight lifting and opt for a sport or cardio exercise. A little goes a long way with cardio exercises. The best part about cardio exercises is that you don’t need to work out for long hours to reap its benefits. Besides the many health benefits of cardio, it helps you to burn extra calories and lose weight. Playing a sport on the other hand, promotes physical and psychological well-being. It’ not only a whole lot of fun but a great way to stay healthy!

What sports do you play?

I’ve recently started playing volleyball – I’ve never played it before and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I play badminton too. I love swimming and play cricket as well.