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Managing A Heavy Workload With Motivation

Dr. Rithvik Ryaka

International Business & Life Coach, Celebrity Wellness Mentor, Inspirer and Trainer

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If you feel you are overloaded with work and have heaps of tasks to complete, keep in mind that there are a few individuals in your team or at your workplace who would be happy to go beyond their job descriptions, so before you complain about a workload stop and try to be your driving force. It is instances such as these that demand you adopt the Happy A.X.E principle to proceed with deeper self-introspection over priorities. Therefore go ahead and make the most of the Happy A.X.E rule to stay motivated and upbeat about your work! And remember, a positive and optimistic outlook can go a long way!

A-Access Vs. Excess Time On Your Hands

Are you under stress because you have less time to access the work, or excess work needs to be done at the earliest? Besides the push from your reporting manager, are there other factors causing stress? Try to identify them and cut them down one by one. Remember, you are giving your best to bring positive results but be open to constructive criticism later. Convincing yourself to unload the work pressure is the first step to feel motivated.

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X-Xerox The Exact Idea Vs. Apply The Advice

Are you open to seeking help from others during this period? One of your colleagues or seniors might have been in a similar situation earlier. So there is nothing wrong with asking for help but see to it that it does not turn into asking for favours. You may implement their advice in your work and seek further help later with their permission. Also, don’t forget that making peace with the people around is essential to help you stay motivated while being honest with your work.

You may be giving your best to bring positive results but convincing yourself to unload the work pressure is the first step to feel motivated.

Present Vs. Living In The Future

When was the last time you enjoyed working overtime? Compare and assess the efforts that you put in during those days with the present work. Give yourself two realistic self-deadlines and work with proper dedication, keeping all distractions away. This will help you feel comfortable while you give your hundred per cent, regardless of the pressure. Working in a high-stress environment is different from working with highly stressed individuals. Engaging yourself and your team through outbound training sessions with the help of professional transformational training experts can help you prevent such instances in the future as the team members do not just take a break but give a break to each other holistically. The team’s abilities are also improved, and leadership qualities are enhanced. What’s more, personal conflicts or intragroup conflicts too are resolved, and communication skills are boosted, leading to better bonding and collaboration.

You may be giving your best to bring positive results but convincing yourself to unload the work pressure is the first step to feel motivated.

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Even though you want to be motivated and inspired to complete all of your tasks, there may be times when you may not feel any motivation at all. There’s also no denying that sometimes, motivation is hard to get hold of. Staring at our screens and simply not being able to get through the work, no matter how hard we try, is an instance we can all relate to. At times like these, you have to get your act together and look for real and practical solutions to be able to get the job done and also inspire yourself. Fortunately, there are certain tricks and tips to help you get motivated in no time at all!

Stay Motivated And Upbeat About Your Work

Stop thinking of the work as hard and consider it as something that is propelling you towards what you want to be. Envision the task is already completed and also think about how good that would make you feel! Chasing a big goal can be scary at times, as you may not know where to begin! So it’s best to break your goals down into small bite-size goals so that each time you make some progress, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and will be motivated to continue.

When you need to complete a task, you will probably not think about doing anything else or for that matter, pick up a book and read! But reading can help you find the motivation you are lacking! Additionally, it’s a profoundly inspiring habit to acquire. Moreover, when you have a deadline to reach, ignore all irrelevant activities and forge ahead to complete your unfinished work by getting rid of anything that wastes your time and always sticks to the activities that apply to a larger goal.
Some of the other natural ways to find motivation are to allow yourself some downtime and once refreshed, dive into your task again. Also, remember to celebrate your small wins and reward yourself for staying motivated and on top of things!