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Feeling like a victim? Watch this video to deal with trauma

Shayamal Vallabhjee

Sports Scientist & Psychologist

2 min read

Anyone, who has undergone trauma, knows its effects on a person’s body and mind. Trauma is a stressful experience that numbs a person. It creates a feeling of disconnect and overwhelm. Also, it makes the person feel anxious about the future. This lack of mindfulness can be addressed.

The best thing U can do to overcome trauma is to nurture the individual mentality. Individual mentality is all about knowing URself. It happens when U start to introspect UR likes, dislikes, ambition and intent/the purpose of UR life. Habits such as chanting, meditating, breathe-exercising/breath exercises and yoga enables U to focus on UR positive energies. These habits make U stronger, and better as a person. It enables U to get back to the normal routine if you’re affected by COVID.

The second tip to overcome trauma post COVID is to keep in touch with people who have a higher vibrational state. Are U unsure of what it means? Each person vibrates energetically at a specific frequency. The lower the frequency, heavier the problems seem. It stops U from accomplishing UR goals. This dark energy creates discomfort both physically and mentally.

People with a higher vibrational state, on the other hand, have a greater joy and peace within themselves. These people are full of life and radiate qualities such as kindness, love, and clarity.

Developing the ‘individual mentality’ is all about knowing URself. It happens when U start to introspect UR likes, dislikes, ambition and intent of UR life.

If U are feeling traumatic after COVID, talking to these people will enable U to feel light and relaxed. U experience greater personal power when the higher frequencies of their energy radiation pass on to U.

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In case U can’t connect with people having a higher vibrational state, then U can try different activities such as nature-walking, singing, and dancing. These activities offer a positive touch to UR emotions. U feel full of light! Ultimately, U begin to manifest what U desire.

But despite several attempts, sometimes, the despair and desperation can nevertheless knock us off. The ideal way to tackle such scenarios is to focus on the current moment. The process might feel very uncomfortable in the beginning because of our pre-existing routines. But it is to be kept in mind that forming a habit on a conscious plane is time-taking. Keeping UR mind still comes with practice. If U achieve it, U can become the highest form of URself.