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Happy People attract Happiness in their lives !

Anamika Yaduvanshi

Life Coach

3 min read

Happiness is a choice. How happy U R depends on how U choose to act and think. Happiness is when we feel contended and fulfilled. We are in the state of being happy – whenever we feel positive emotions like joy, pride contentment and gratitude. A good job, good spouse, abundant wealth and a fit and healthy body do not define happiness. Those who R happy are not happy just because everything is right in their life. They R happy because their attitudes towards things are right!

Happiness is not dependent on success but if U R happy, success will follow! Happiness comes when you accept what U have and enjoy what U do. Happiness is relative to an individuals’ inner relationship with the world and the perspective with which they view the world. The popular adage, ‘the glass is half full or half empty,’ says it all. Happy people live more as they enjoy each and every moment of their life.

According to the broaden-and-build theory, positive emotions bring about unique actions and thoughts that don’t put one’s survival or well-being at risk. It has been proved that emotions that are positive (like happiness) expand or broaden our thoughts and actions. When positive emotions are induced, we are capable of more creativity in terms of our actions and thoughts. Positivity brings about more inclusiveness in social groups and encourages flexibility with regard to our goals and mindsets too.

Those who are happy achieve more and experience better outcomes in life. This includes better mental health, financial success, supportive relationships, physical health, better coping skills and longevity amongst other benefits. Studies have proved that happiness paves the way for these positive outcomes and don’t simply result from them!

The broaden-and-build theory advocates that ‘lasting resources’ are built by people due to positive emotions. To test this, emotions were measured daily for a period of one month on a number of students. The students were also assessed for satisfaction from life and their resilience during the beginning and at the end of the 30 days. It was predicted that positive emotions increase both life satisfaction and resilience.

The results stated that those who are happy are more content and satisfied not because they feel better than the rest but because they create the resources to live well. They develop the ability to adjust to changing environments. Their responses may comprise of adapting to restrictions, recognizing opportunities and displaying traits of resilience when faced with hardships or misfortune.

Happiness is important for U to lead a healthy life but is does not guarantee that U will never fail or fall sick. Issues in life may come up, but with a happy, contented and a positive frame of mind as a tool, everything can be dealt with effectively! Happiness enhances better thinking and stimulates new ideas in the mind. It also makes us love life! Happy people have more friends because they enjoy life and are great company to be in. On the other hand, unhappy people have fewer friends and more failures in relationships.

Happiness is related to our emotional well-being – this has been proven. But happiness and a positive frame of mind also affect our physical well-being. Happy people are able to cope with stress at work and relationships too. Also, since their mind is stress-free, they are less likely to fall sick. On the other hand, people with an unhappy and discontented state of mind always get stressed with minor issues in life and are likely to fall sick often.

Those who R happy are not happy just because everything is right in their life. They R happy because their attitudes towards things are right!

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