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Effective workouts without equipment

Sneha Desu

Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach

3 min read

Though it’s quite a breezy task to perform work outs without gym equipment, having the right amount of knowledge about exercise is essential. A good combination of strength, core and cardio performed using basic accessories such as a jump rope, mat and shoes marks a good start of the day. Whether UR at home, staying at a hotel, a hill resort or in a shack at the beach – there’s just no excuse to skip your exercise or workouts!

If UR someone who is more inclined towards sports, it would do you good to choose a sport of your interest like basketball, baseball, volleyball etc. All that matters is getting in the right amount of physical activity.

Here’s a specially designed workout you can follow anywhere, especially when you’re travelling. These moves are easy to do and I’ve also run some regressions, just in case you are unable to do the advanced level of the exercises.

1. Bulgarian squat

Bulgarian squat - URLife Wellness Platform

This is a very effective movement to strengthen both legs unilaterally. Start off with one foot on the floor and another at an elevated surface. Push towards front of the heel and make sure UR tucking your knee-up to challenge the core. This exercise engages a unique set of body parts like the glutes, calves, hamstrings and quads.

2. Sidekick

Sidekick - URLife Wellness Platform
2. Sidekick

Sidekick includes starting off on your force and kicking one leg through to take rest on the other side of the arm. This is a very effective move that challenges the core and strengthens the entire body, simultaneously. It engages the lower body muscle groups to create active core training.

3. Classical push-ups

Classical push-ups - URLife Wellness Platform

The raising and the lowering of the body is everyone’s favorite. An extra move is to try and engage in the breath, while giving the chest muscles a break. This form of exercise engages the glutes and the core – especially when pushed off from the start position.
As a regression you can use any elevated surface to do an inclined push-up and added toe to reach the same movement. This allows you to throw less of your bodyweight and makes the movement a tad bit easier.

4. Seated scissors

Seated scissors - URLife Wellness Platform
4. Seated scissors

This form of exercise is done while sitting on the hips to maintain a slight angle. Engage the core before lifting the legs up. The key of the exercise is to maintain the angle of the knees well, throughout. As a regression, you can maintain a slight angle at the knees to make the movement easy.

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5. Lateral shuffle and jumps

Lateral shuffle and jumps - URLife Wellness Platform

A smooth finish to the end of the exercise session is the extra fun elements of shuffles and jumps. To do this, start off by shuffling sideways using the side of the glutes and keeping the core switched on throughout. If you’re in an enclosed space, a combination of creative elements like a box or a small table can be used.

6. Roll backs

Roll backs - URLife Wellness Platform
6. Roll backs

Roll backs help attain a complete flexible body as it challenges the entire body. To perform a roll back, UR shoulder should be out of your palms and the hips should be out of the knees. Lift UR knees while maintaining 2-3cm distance from the floor. As the next step, crawl forward using UR legs and arms of the opposite end. Lastly, it is important to make sure you maintain a box-like body throughout the session.