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Has COVID-19 impacted UR Work-Life? Learn how U can restore the balance!

Shayamal Vallabhjee

Sports Scientist & Psychologist

3 min read

COVID-19 has offset a range of problems for any person in the world. People, today, are uncertain about everything. People are worried about their health, children, jobs, financial security, loans, business, and so many other things. The problems never seem to end!

This whole narrative about uncertainly is not real, but a version of reality. If all the problems were real, every one of us would have faced the same problems with equal intensity. But that is not the present scenario. Some people suffer more, while others suffer less. Why does this happen? Why can some people easily tackle their problems, and others not?

It all lies in the mentality. The attitude of the person decides the perceived reality. If the attitude of the person is poor, it weakens the person’s productivity. On the other hand, if the attitude is self-empowering, it rises the person to achieve greater heights. Unfortunately, the number of such people is quite low.

Compare yourself to a player in the field. The ‘field’ is UR life and you are the sole player of the game. The power is with U and not with anyone else!

The other large number of people suffer from something known as Victim’s Mentality. In the victim’s mentality, the person gives away their individual-power to the world. They look at problems from an external point of view, and not from an internal perspective. This affects their attitude towards the problem. They feel powerless, helpless.

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The brain favours ‘victim’s mentality’ and produces powerless narratives because it tries to preserve the person’s innocence. The narratives make U feel the ‘hero’ of the story with other circumstances being villains.

This false perception towards the problems takes away UR capacity, energy, and confidence. Resultant, U feel that UR job is not in UR hands, UR health is not in UR hands, UR monthly income is not in UR hands, and so on!

The creation of these false statements by the brain is the root cause of current fear existing in the world due to COVID-19! What’s the way out?

It is important to start being a player of UR life rather than a victim. Compare URself to a player in the field. The result of the game lies in the hands of players. It cannot be controlled by the audience, umpire, or anyone from outside. Similarly, the ‘field’ is ‘UR’ life, and ‘U’ are the sole ‘player’ of the game. The events of UR life turns out the way U want. The power is in U and not with anyone else.

U can remind URself of UR inner power through one simple activity: By being mindful—pause, breathe and reflect. Mindfulness allows U to stay in UR own inner circle. The circle becomes the boundary of influence. None other external opinions, judgments, attitudes can cross UR boundaries. This way, U start to feel confident.

By removing the external influences and empowering URself, U get rid of uncertainty. By removing uncertainty, U lose fear. By losing fear, U take charge of UR life for any situation including COVID-19.