coping with gym pressure

Sneha Desu

Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach

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The transparent glass at the gym speaks a lot. When one sees through, it’s common to see faces with a very little depth of colour. They are intense, but like an angry, roaring lion.
Intensity, though good, many times roots from the pressure one faces from all over.
Yes, people attending gym can undergo guilt, and the impending stress.

How to Deal With Gym Pressure? | Rashmika Mandanna | URLife Wellness Platform

A guilt for not having shown transformative results in lesser time; pressure to lose weight fast; anxiety to ‘only’ consume healthy food and stay in perfect shape forever.

Infact, have you ever caught a gym rat enjoying roadside bhajiyas or panipuri? If not, you might feel a sense of self guilt in them. They at-times behave ‘lost out’ in the crowd.

Such behavior may be a result of feeling stressed and pressured for constant performance. They tend to feel overly conscious of their appearance, eating habits, sleeping pattern and other lifestyle factors.

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Several questions take rounds on such people like “Am I looking awkward during my workouts?”, “Am I smelling bad in heavy sweat?”, “Can I post my photograph on social media without edits” and many more.

These sets of worrying thoughts and the complicated feeling of competition further makes the matter worse.

The natural feeling of not being able to cope up with specific demands in a workout life might lead to a chronic unhappiness over the time.

Therefore, it is important to address these issues with URself immediately, if you feel you’ve been part of such a heartless race.

Training the mind to look at the bigger picture and ignoring the smaller day-to-day setbacks is an effective way to cope with gym pressure and lose track of time for a good purpose!

Tips to Deal With Gym Pressure - URLife Wellness Platform

Tips to Deal With Gym Pressure

1.Be thick-skinned

Being mentally strong starts with having care and concern for URself. Give top priority to your own feelings. It’s a habit that comes by practice. Below tips may be useful.

  • Surround yourself with people who like you.
  • Stick to your goals. Every point of self-confidence makes a difference.
  • Sort out your friends on facebook and other social media channels. Unfriend whom you hardly know, and have never spoken to.
  • Write a daily diary about the achievements of your day. It promotes a feel-good sleep.

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2.Compete only against URself:

Progress is any man’s dream. But, comparing your progress with others isn’t a wise thing. Like world runners, break UR own past records. It brings pure joy.

  • Maintain a calendar of self-performance. Pick patterns and set the next target accordingly.
  • Start with a small performance improvement target, someday it becomes big.
3.Practice mindfulness

Being mindful of the present is a blessing. Present forgives the past and encourages the future. Therefore, walk with the present.

  • Concentrate on your breathe and lungs, during every work-out.
  • Hit the gym when you’re in a happy, positive mood.
  • Listen to the songs while work-out if you can better focus on the beat.
4.Remember UR Special

Just like the dialogue in the Taare Zameen Par goes, “Har bacche me ek khubi hoti hai, ek khasiyat hoti hai,” remember that ‘you’ are ‘you’ — a matchless DNA with exclusive, special identity.

  • Celebrate URself with self-parties.
  • Take out exclusive time for yourself for at least 10 minutes in a day.
  • Recall your self-targets everyday. These are energy boosters.