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Yoga for Healing — Revitalize UR Mind in 3 mins

Mansi Gandhi

MA Psychology, PG Diploma Yoga
Yoga Teacher & Entrepreneur

3 min read

When is three minutes too long and when is three minutes too short? It depends on what U do in three minutes. If U want to do something constructive in 3 minutes, doing Yoga could be one of the best options.

If U have ever done a ‘Tree Pose’ or any other pose, U probably know the balance, calmness and serenity Yoga brings-in. It is a transformative experience.

Yoga, as an activity, has a sense of purpose. It drives UR fitness, alertness, calmness, happiness, well-being, and every other psychological aspect U care about.

Yoga helps U in most of UR life scenarios. Whether U are going for an interview, finding the right career path, or making a serious decision, a good physical and mental state offered by yoga plays a quintessential role.

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Doing just 10 minutes of everyday yoga improves UR emotional energy by inducing positivity and calmness. It helps U act in better awareness—in every situation.

Yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system that brings relaxation to the body and mind.

Today’s times R stress-induced. U often undergo tight deadlines, hectic schedules, continuous meetings, and other conflicting priorities. The key to overcoming such stress lies in doing Yoga. Yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system that brings relaxation to the body and mind.

Different ‘asanas’ in yoga have different objectives. While some aim to stretch the body, some reduce anxiety, some others improve digestion. The objectives and benefits R endless.

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For UR benefit, here’s a list of 4 simple yoga asanas U can even do while seated on UR desk chair. Practice these often to alleviate shoulder, arms, and back pain.

1. Elevated Arm Position
• Keep UR arms at the sides.
• Inhale slowly and raise UR arms up, above UR head.
• Exhale slow and bring the arms down.
• Repeat it three times.

2. Side Stretch
• Put UR one hand on the armrest.
• Inhale and stretch UR another hand in the opposite direction.
• Exhale and bring the hand down.
• Repeat for both sides.

3. Back Bend
• Take UR arms back and interlace UR fingers.
• Inhale, and bend UR head a little back. This expands UR chest during the inhalation.
• Exhale and bring the head back.

4. Twists
• Place UR right hand on the opposite knee.
• Inhale and twist UR body to the other side.
• Exhale and bring the hand back.
• Do it for both the sides.
• Repeat thrice.

These simple yoga techniques take less time and yet prove effective.

Tips for doing Yoga

• Start slow
• Don’t compare with others
• Dress comfortably
• Take one step at a time. Don’t take targets beyond UR capability!
• Eat light before you do Yoga

Remember to take the assistance of a yoga teacher/expert to learn well. Don’t miss UR daily practice to forge ahead in UR fitness journey!