Why do people go to a gym, why not work out at home?

Sneha Desu

Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach

4 min read

We all know that exercise is important to keep fit and healthy. The best part is exercise can be done anywhere or at home and not necessarily in gyms. Yet, many people prefer to workout at a gym due to the benefits involved in working out in a professional environment.

Firstly, if UR a beginner, it’s always nice to have a trainer to guide you through the training regime and teach you the right technique. It’s important for someone to monitor your workouts and guide you, especially if you are just getting into any form of fitness. Many beginners prefer working out in a gym because of the substantial amount of guidance they receive. There’s additional motivation one gets from trainers in the gym. Just the fact that they are there to ensure you complete UR workout – gives you the right kind of push to work harder!

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You could be an advanced athlete or someone who’s had ample experience with training, but you can hit a plateau with your home workouts – there’s only so much you can do by yourself. Home workouts don’t provide much variety and boredom soon sets in. A gym provides the opportunity of a variety of workouts due to the different types of equipment available. You get access to various machines for strength training, treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, and the swimming pool for water sports, swimming or water workouts and so on.

Another significant reason to choose working out at a gym is if UR someone who’s suffered some kind of injury. You are probably then limited in UR range of motion or variety of training at home. For instance, if you have a knee injury then movements like squats and lunges may be difficult to do. Machines like the leg extension machine would be a lot better to strengthen the muscles around the knee. The machine will not only help heal UR injury but will make the muscles around the joint stronger.
A lot of doctors and physiotherapists suggest that if you have a rehabilitation program that you have to stick to – it’s ideal if you’re in a much safer and stable environment like a gym. The machines available in a gym allow UR body to go through certain ranges of movement will can help your condition to improve sooner.

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Working out in the gym is a much safer and stable environment for pregnant women to workout. I’ve seen this with my own clients; they make the most out their workouts in gym settings because the machines are more stable and they feel a lot safer. There’s no anxiety of tripping over anything and they’re not worried about balance or any such issues. Gym workouts for pregnant women are far safer than home workouts for sure. Besides, there are fewer distractions when you are in a gym. You don’t have people interrupting your workouts (like they do at home) and there are no phone calls to disturb you. The entire focus is only on UR fitness.

A majority of people choose a gym environment for working out because the music, the people and the vibe in the gym is exhilarating! Sometimes, it can get very monotonous to do your own workouts at home. In a gym setting you see everyone working out with different equipment and music and it’s just a lot more fun!
It’s inspiring and motivating to see other people train. Whether it’s the kind of techniques they follow or the amount of weights they are lifting – it’s quite interesting to be around that setting. At times, I too prefer to go to the gym when I’m having a lazy day or when I’m bored of working out at home. I like to get into that environment and that zone and really make the most of my workouts.

When you exercise in a gym, you get access to an array of fitness equipment, free weights, cardio equipment and weight machines. The trainers in the gym help you reach your fitness goals by guiding you through the varied equipment and exercises that works best for you.
Last but not the least, exercising in a gym can be very enjoyable. The perks some gyms offer is one of the main reasons people like to work out at a gym. The amazing facilities such as hot Jacuzzis, showers, saunas and clean fresh towels are some of the indulgences that make gyms all the more appealing!