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Weight Lifting Myths BUSTED

Sandeep Raj

Transformation & Lifestyle Coach Internationally certified Nutritionist & Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Precision Nutrition L2. NSCA CPT

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Weight training for women has only recently become common as women would earlier steer clear from weights. This is mainly due to the many false beliefs. To better understand why there are many myths around women and weightlifting or strength training, we first need to be aware of a few basic facts. The hormonal composition of a woman and a man is different. For example, a woman’s body produces only 10 to 15% of the testosterone of a man. So it’s very hard for women to get bulky and build muscle mass unless they train for many hours a day for many years! Let’s look at some more myths and facts about women and weightlifting.

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5 Common Myths About Weightlifting

Myth 1: Lifting heavy weights makes women bulky

The body image of being bulkier and weight issues are often interlinked. By lifting heavy weights or doing strength exercise, UR muscles get stronger and denser as opposed to the popular opinion of them getting bulkier! If you face weight issues, controlling UR diet specifically with regard to your calorie intake is the best approach. Weight training and strength training is beneficial for women, as it increases bone density and muscle density. Additionally, it improves metabolism, helps you to eat better and tones UR body too.

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Myth 2: Spot reduction is possible

Do not fall for the advertisement gimmick of spot reduction. We are biologically programmed to store fat as a source of energy in certain areas. For women, it is mostly the lower belly and the hips. Many women tend to hit the gym for a flat belly. The truth is spot reduction does not exist! Diet plays a huge role in losing this fat. So instead of trying 1000 crunches to burn the fat in your belly, it’s better to focus on UR diet instead of damaging your muscles and tissues. Managing your food is better for UR overall health and fitness. Work with UR nutritionist to select foods that will not only help you achieve your exercise goals but will also provide you with ample nutrients.

Follow you exercise routine with passion, dedication and persistence to reach your fitness goals.

Myth 3: Cardio burns more calories than weightlifting

Though cardio exercise does keep you fit and safe, the results you get from doing cardio exercises will drive you farther away from your target. Adding any strength exercise to UR workout routine will help you develop lean muscle mass and help you get rid of more calories. So don’t rule it out entirely! Due to the after-burn effect associated with strength training you can benefit both ways – burn calories while working out and after working out too! But beware; when you take up strength training there will be wear and tear of tissue and muscle. Remember, all it takes is time, nourishment and sleep to get restored and repaired.

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Myth 4 – The older you get, the more dangerous weightlifting becomes

The older you get, the more you are at risk of bone and muscle loss, decreased endurance and a sluggish metabolism. Frequent exercise, particularly weightlifting, will help reverse the ageing process and keep your body in good shape! Taking up a strength training regimen will help to create muscle successfully and also improve the strength of UR joints and tendons. Overall, lifting weights will help boost the quality of UR daily life and decrease the risk of preventable accidents in old age.

Myth 5: One plan fits all

Every one of us is different and one plan does not fit all! If you are inspired by someone on social media and aim for a fab body, you need to tailor-make your exercise routine and regime. Don’t get carried away by UR favourite movie star or by someone who has toned their body and their routine. Get to know what will work for you and what UR limitations are. Follow you exercise routine with passion, dedication and persistence to reach your fitness goals.